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What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone

What Does “Message Blocking is Active” Mean and How to Fix

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What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone? If you’re reading this, it means that you have received a message that was blocked by another person. And, if this has happened to you, then you probably want to know what it means, how to fix it, and why it happened in the first place.

To avoid this happening again, we’ve added a new feature that allows you to turn off the message blocking when you receive an unrecoverable error message. This way, you’ll be able to send a message even if you’re not sure if the recipient will be able to receive it.

Message blocking is an important part of any email management program, but it is something that many people neglect to set up.

What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone

What Does “Message Blocking is Active” Mean?

1. Message blocking is active means that there is an ongoing conflict between two people. There are some reasons why message blocking can happen:

2. The sender has blocked the recipient.

3. The recipient has blocked the sender.

4. The recipient has blocked the sender but the sender has not blocked the recipient.

5. The recipient has blocked the sender but the sender has not blocked the recipient.

If you’re having problems with Skype on your computer, you may need to check that parental controls aren’t enabled on the computer. You can do this by going to the control panel and then to the “User Accounts” option. Then click on the “Manage family settings” button. Make sure that the box for “Block inappropriate content” is unchecked. If you’re using a smartphone, it’s possible that the app has been disabled.

Why is message blocking active?

Here’s a list of the possible reasons why the message blocking is active notification might show up.


1.If your phone or messaging app is giving you notifications that your number is being blocked or your messages are being blocked, then there are two possibilities:

2. Your number is in the blocked list of the person you are trying to contact. In that case, you’ll have to wait until the other person unblocks you.

3. Your number is in the blocked list of the person who is contacting you.

Some parents are concerned about their kids being exposed to pornography or inappropriate content on the Internet, so they have parental controls turned on on their devices. While these controls might be working as intended, there are times when the controls are inadvertently enabled, which could allow access to inappropriate websites or videos.

Service outage

The error message means that you have a service outage. This could be caused by a number of different reasons including a service outage, an issue with your internet connection, a problem with the website, or a problem with your computer.

How Do I Know If Someone Blocked Me From Text Messaging On Their Phone?

You can’t text a person if you don’t have their phone number. If you don’t know how to text someone on their phone, you can find their phone number by going to

It’s actually the opposite way around. The messages are called SMS messages and the send button will be red if it’s a normal text message, and green if it’s a multimedia message (MMS).

While it’s nice to be able to send a message to someone at any time, the fact is that most people only check their phones once a day. Therefore, if you send a text message to someone, it will probably take a few hours to arrive.

Power Cycle or Soft Reset Your Phone And Remove The SIM Card

When your phone is powered off, the phone will enter a low-power state. This will allow you to use your phone to make calls or send text messages, but if your phone is powered off for an extended period of time, this will cause the battery to drain faster. This is why it’s important to remove the SIM card when you’re finished using your phone.

Once you have inserted the SIM card and battery, turn off the phone and turn it on. If you see an error message on the screen, simply power the phone off again. Reinsert the battery and SIM card, and power the phone back on.

Confirm Your Email-to-text Address With Any Senders

Many people try to use email to text to contact you. However, this is a scam and will not work. If you get an email from someone who claims to be texting you, they have probably not entered your email address correctly, and are trying to use email to text to communicate with you. You can confirm this by simply going to your mobile carrier’s website and typing in the email address that they claim to be sending you messages from.

What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone

A lot of users have experienced many users have encountered the ” free msg”Unable to send a message because message blocking is in effect.” error several times, which can be tiring particularly when we have an immediate message. Also, because text messaging is an important aspect of communication each day, any problems that require information to be conveyed within a short period of time could be devastating.

Users of iPhone (ios) as well as Android devices have experienced a “message blocking active” error when they send a message, and for the majority of customers, T-Mobile has been the most frequent carrier affected by this issue. We strive to make this article simple for those who might have encountered this issue on other carriers. Let’s take a look at that ” free msg”Unable to send a message because message blocking is in effect.” issue and then look at the alternatives we have to consider.

What Does Message Blocking Be Active Mean?

It is the “message blocking is in effect” error message that appears on Android devices as well as iPhones that could mean that you’ve blocked someone else. One of the first things you should be aware of when you get such a message is that your person receiving it is either on their block list, or you have added them to your blocked list.

Service outage

The “free message: inability to send message messages – message blocking is in effect.” The error message may indicate that you’re experiencing an issue with your service. Therefore, you should take a few minutes or even hours before trying again since there’s a chance that your provider of the network is in the process of performing maintenance, and could have shut down your messaging services.

Shortcode issues

Another reason we’ve received from T-Mobile may be an issue in the shortcode. Certain “message blocking active” problems were due to shortcodes not working or not working correctly. Make sure that the error isn’t on your side, and if you’re in the clear then the problem is T-Mobile’s fault and you’ll need to get in touch with them so that they can send their technicians to resolve the issue.

Text message app’s restrictions

The “free message: recipient is unable to receive messages Blocking messages is in effect.” error could mean that the recipient is restricted to receiving messages from a specific user group. Certain messaging apps may not be compatible with your service provider. If one of these apps was utilized, you could be required to look into whether you are able to manually permit these apps. If there’s no alternative to allowing these applications or applications, you may not be able to resolve the issue yourself.

Data problems with plans

It is also important to ensure that you are on the right plan you’re enrolled in. If you’re trying to send text messages with a Data Only plan there’s a good chance that the message will not be received and you’ll receive an error.

Look for support for premium messages

It is also important to ensure that the company that you’re sending your message to has the premium message messaging system. We’ve previously discussed not being capable of sending the message since your provider doesn’t offer a premium messaging service. In this situation, you must ensure that this isn’t a problem on the part of the recipient.

How can I fix it and get rid of the ” free msg not able to send a message. Blocking of messages is in effect.” error issue with Android and iPhones

If you want to get this error message corrected You can try one of these solutions. Let us know which solutions worked for you in the comments below.

How do I unblock blocked messages? Solution 1. Verify the coverage

If coverage in the region is listed in the area as none, then you wouldn’t be in a position to send or receive messages or make or receive calls.

Fix 2: Is your phone active?

On the device’s settings page within your account, verify and verify that your phone is active, if it’s shown as suspended or Still Portingthen you won’t be capable of sending or receiving texts.

Fix 3. Text messages are included in the plan you have?

We’ve mentioned this previously. On the account settings, check whether the Can send/receive text messages setting is turned on. If not, enable this setting. yet activated. If you do not appear to be able to activate this option, then most likely your plan doesn’t offer text messages in your plan, or your number is not active.

4. Which country’s code is it?

If the error was based on international text, a simple Google search for the country code can assist you in determining if are using the correct code.

How do you turn off message blocking? Fix 5: Start the procedure again

If you get the ” free msg: the receiver is not receiving message Blocking messages is in effect.” error is only one phone, it could have been issues with that phone number. Perhaps it’s not correct. Re-save and delete the number and try again.

Solution 6: Remove the device and swap the SIMs

Try swapping SIM cards on your Samsung phone, and then try messaging using a new SIM. If this works it is most likely a problem related to the SIM. There have been instances that the inability of sending texts was due to SIM limitations So, make sure this is the case for you.

How to disable message blocking Solution 7. Unblock

If you’re still seeing an “unable to send a message blocking messages is in effect” error message, one option that can work, particularly when you’re blocked, is to ask the individual to allow you to be unblocked. If you’re not sure whether you’ve been blocked not, contact the number. If it doesn’t work it’s a possibility that you’ve blocked or you’ve blocked that person. If the calls are successful it is possible that you need to look at the other options found in the article.

How do you unblock blocking messages? Solution 8 Text Content

Some users have been able to overcome this problem by sending plain text messages. It is possible that this problem was the result of the non-plain text that was included in the message. Take out any attachments, emojis or graphics, or pictures in the message, and then try again.

Are you experiencing an Android problem with message blocking or are you experiencing issues with the “message blocking has begun” message blocking is an active error in iOS (iPhones)? Which one of these fixes your “message blocking has been activated” message blocking is active” error? I’d like to hear from you on the subject in the comment section.

Fix 9: Perform A Full Factory Reset

The final option would be the complete factory reset for our phone. To do this, go into Settings >Reset Reset then tap Factory Data Reset Enter the details it requires, and then perform a full factory reset on your phone for it to return to its default settings. It should work in the event you attempt this however, I’d like to remind you that this must be your final option.

How do you turn off Message Blocking on iPhone 6 7 8, XR, or 12

In this portion of our article, we’ll provide practical solutions that will help you switch off the message blocking on your iPhone.

We’ve noticed that during our tests and fixes one thing we’ve noticed is iPhone users appear to have additional options in addition to the things we suggest for Android users, so be sure to look them up since we have added a few things we did not include here which could be helpful the event that you encounter the following error message Free Msg: Inability to send a message Message Blocking is activated. It could be something that is as easy as changing an option in the settings or performing a full software update. You should therefore test the fixes in the order we’ve arranged them in the order that’s placed from the easiest to the most complex. Also, you should restart your phone to confirm that the issue continues to occur.

1. Verify that the information for the recipient is entered Correctly

For any emailing or messaging problem, we suggest starting with this as the majority of problems we encounter are usually due to entering the address of the recipient incorrectly. Incorrectly entering a number or letter could cause a text message to not be delivered or an email to not be delivered to the recipient. Also, make sure that the contact number or email address is right.

Solution 2: Eject the device then Swap the SIMs

Try switching the SIM cards on your Samsung phone and test messaging using a different SIM. If the message works the problem is likely due to the SIM. There have been instances when the inability to send texts was due to SIM limitations So, make sure it is happening to you.

Fix 3. Turn off iMessage.

The process of turning iMessage off can be an option to fix the issue and also a method to determine the cause. It is possible to fix the issue with iMessage or the standard texting application on your iPhone or iPad, and any of them could be responsible therefore, turn off one and then try messaging the other. In this case, it’s going to likely be the iMessage.

In order to do that, click Settings then navigate to Messages, and then choose Switch off iMessage. Send a text message following this. If this doesn’t solve the issue, we’ll attempt the next fix.

Solution 4: Try sending an SMS using iMessage.

Since iMessage was not the problem This process will focus on a straightforward task to troubleshoot using the iMessage application and then try to send a text message using it.

In order to do that, make sure that your phone has good internet connectivity (always disable iMessage when you don’t have an internet connection or have an active data plan) Go to Settings > Messages >Select Send and Receive. tap your Apple ID >> and choose to Sign Out. restart your iPhone and return to your Settings app and select Messages and select Connect to Your Apple ID for iMessage.

Fix 5: Verify the quality of the Network

Because the iMessage application relies on the internet, having a reliable internet connection on your phone is crucial. Many people suggest that you reset the network settings, however, there’s absolutely no need to do this if the other applications that are based on the internet are functioning perfectly. Make sure that other apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Chrome, and many more can connect to the internet. If they aren’t, there’s no issue with text messages and more of a problem with your phone.

Solution 6: Are You Blocked? Do You Have Blocked Access?

It’s easy to understand, and when we talk about the best way to disable Message Blocking is Active on iPhone and Android We have recommended this frequently. If one of you is blocked, you will receive the error message Free Msg: Inability to send a message – The Message Blocking is on.

Fix 7: Update to the latest iOS (or consider the age of Your iPhone

It is important to ensure whether your phone is running the latest software on it. Comparatively to Android phones iOS update software is extremely crucial to iPhones. The major difference between the first three iPhones and the latest three iPhones is in the software updates.

If you’re using an older iPhone which isn’t receiving any of the latest OTA (over the internet) upgrades, or have not updated in a while, it could be the cause. To see if you’re receiving updates from Apple visit Settings >General >> Select General >Software Updates. Software Updates and complete any software updates that are available.

Fix 8: Perform A Reset of the Factory Completely to Fix the Message Blocking Issues On iPhone

The final option is an entire reset of the device’s factory settings.

To do this, open the Settings app, then tap General, then Reset and then erase ALL Content and Settings and confirm your intention to erase that content. Enter the Phone PIN code and your Apple ID password to switch off Apple Find My service >The screen will turn blank and an Apple logo with a progress bar will show up you will be welcomed by the flash of “Hello” in a variety of languages once the reset has completed.

The procedure should work if attempt this, however, I’d like to remind you that this should be your last option.

How to turn off Message Blocking in the Samsung S8, J3, Samsung S8, S9 S10, S20, and A20 J3 and J7.

If you’re using a Samsung phone, all the solutions we suggest for Android phones will work for you. Here are some solutions that work specifically for Samsung Galaxy phones.

What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone

Fix 1: Enable Premium SMS on your Samsung Galaxy phone

One option you won’t get on other phones running Android is a feature for premium SMS If you’re trying to make sure that message blocking is present on Samsung it’s the place to begin.

To accomplish this, Go to Settings and then select Applications >> tap the three dots located on the upper right side of the screen. choose to Use the Premium Message Services. Click the app and if you see a pop-up displaying allowances, click Always Allow.

free msg unable to send message message blocking is active

Solution 2: Eject the device the phone and Swap the SIMs

Try swapping SIM cards on your Samsung phone, and then try messaging using a different SIM. If this works it is most likely a problem due to the SIM. There have been instances that the inability of sending text messages as a result of SIM issues So, make sure it is happening to you.

message blocking is active iPhone

If you’re an avid Apple user, you’ve probably noticed that the Messages app has a feature called “message blocking.” This is a great feature that allows you to block certain types of messages from being sent to you, and it’s available on both iOS and macOS. But what is message blocking? Let’s find out!

unable to send message blocking is active

This is an example of a message that has been blocked.

t mobile message blocking is active

Many people are using the t mobile message blocking app to block all text messages from their t mobile phone numbers. In this post, we’ll show you how to turn off t mobile message blocking on your t mobile phone.

metro pcs message blocking is active

In this post, we’re going to talk about a message blocking system called Metro Pcs. Metro Pcs is a simple yet powerful message blocking system that can be used to block incoming messages.

message blocking is active on android metro pcs

Message Blocking is a new feature of the Android Operating System, and it is a very useful feature. It allows you to block all messages from a specific number, a group of numbers, or from a specific sender.

Solution 3: Perform a reset of the Factory Completely to Fix Message Blocking. This is active on Samsung

The final option is the complete factory reset of our phone. To do this, go into Settings and then select Reset then tap Factory Data Reset Enter the data it asks for and then perform a full factory reset of your device in order to restore it to the default. The process should be successful when you try it however, I’d like to remind you that this should be your last resort.

What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone

Message Blocking is an Active Text Messages Issue on Lycamobile

If you’re having trouble with the message blocking that is active messages issue on Lycamobile We have some different fixes which should help you. From 2019, you’ll receive the message blocking active notification whenever you make a call on Lycamobile when your plan expires in the past month and have not recharged.

  1. To fix the Message Blocking is active Text Messages Issue on Lycamobile you must visit the Lycamobile website and sign up for plans. A lot of users have not experienced this issue after purchasing plans starting at $19.
  2. We recommend that you turn off Wi-Fi to check whether messages start to send. Some users have noticed that deactivating Wi-Fi seems to have solved this issue and users can begin sending messages via Lycamobile
  3. We also suggest putting this Lycamobile sim card on another phone. We’ve found that certain issues with sims are specific to a particular device and therefore switching the sim to another device solves it.
  4. Another solution to the Lycamobile problem with text messages is to isolate the issue. Sometimes, it’s possible to send messages from your mobile to an email but cannot send messages from your phone to your email and vice versa. In that case, we suggest going to Settings > Networks >> Mobile NetworksAccess Point NameInput and saving the settings recommended by Lycamobile.
  5. Another solution to the Lycamobile text message issue is to determine if your device is running the message center settings that are compatible with Lycamobile. Visit the menu and then messages >>> Settings for Messages >>> sending profiles and tap one profile and determine whether the numbers match the most recent Lycamobile messages center. To find the Lycamobile message center’s phone number, dial 1-845-301-612.

How do you disable Message Blocking on Metro Pcs?

  1. The most common and easily recognizable cause of the Message blocking issue Active in Metro Pcs issue is that your plan isn’t able to support the feature you’re planning to utilize. If your plan does not allow international calls, whether or from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia A simple upgrade or subscription can resolve the issue in the majority of cases.
  2. The other thing to look into is if the sim cards are the cause. Switching devices and seeing whether the sim card works on the other device. If it works, you should check to be sure of the issue. You can also try the network reset since there could be problems with your preferences for messages or your network.
  3. It is also possible to contact Metro Pcs to request an update of your smartphone and sim card’s features for messaging. Many users have discovered that this fixes the issue for them.
  4. You should also take into account the person who is receiving your call. If the recipient isn’t able to pay their phone bill paid it could result in you seeing messages blocking in effect on Metro Pcs

What does message blocking is active mean?

When you set up your email account, there’s a place where you can put in your security question. This is so that someone can’t get into your account if you forget your password. Your email provider will have a website that will show you the answer to the security question.What does Message Blocking Is Active Mean on Android & iPhone

2. What happens if I forget my security question?

If you forget your security question, you can get a new one by going to the email provider’s website and going to the forgot password section.

3. What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can get a new one by going to the email provider’s website and going to the forgot password section. Topic: what does the term ‘pink slip’ mean FAQ:

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