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TSM Tool Turbo Service Mobile V1.0.9 Repair-Flash-Unlock-Utility Tool

Turbo Service Mobile Tool V1.0.9 is now available to download for free, providing mobile technicians with powerful features for servicing mobile devices. Featuring an easy user-friendly interface and the capability of repairing IMEI without flashing for most operations, this update also features free login and registration as well as Qualcomm Generic, Xiaomi, and Motorola services to meet your mobile technician needs.

Turbo Service Mobile Tool Latest Version Free Download

Turbo Service Mobile Tool Latest Version Free Download

Turbo Service Mobile Tool Latest Download

Turbo Service Mobile Tool has introduced many exciting new features with its latest update, such as EFS Explorer, NV data read/write/delete and QCN patch IMEI/MEID/ESN/SPC for Qualcomm devices as well as services for Xiaomi and Motorola devices. Furthermore, the tool features free login/registration with an intuitive user interface to retrieve most data without flashing being necessary.

What is a Turbo Service Mobile Tool?

The Turbo Service Mobile Tool is an intuitive mobile tool designed for ease of registration and login for free, providing easy IMEI repair solutions without flashing. Furthermore, its intuitive UI allows users to take advantage of most operations without flashing; additionally, its servers boast the fastest data fetching rates around. Furthermore, it features services for Qualcomm Generic such as EFS Explorer, NV data management and QCN Patching; flashing stock firmware factory reset; as well as Xiaomi services like flashing stock firmware or bypassing FRP for most operations on its servers – in all cases at lightning fast speeds!

Features Turbo Service Mobile Tool:

  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • Motorola
  • Lg
  • Qualcomm
  • MediaTek
  • Utiliy

LG Services:

  • Open Diag Menu
  • Open APN Settings
  • Factory Reset[MODEM]
  • Remove FRP [MTK]
  • Open Diag Menu Sprint
  • Open Hidden Menu
  • Factory Reset[Serial]
  • Reset Security [Download]
  • Factory Reset [Download]

Remove FRP [Download] For Next Models 

  • LM-X320PM, LG-SP200, LG-SP320, LG-Q710PL,
  • LG-Q710AL, LM-X220PM, LG-Q710P, LM-X410P,
  • LM-X410PM, LM-X410BCW, LM-X410BTW, LM-X410EO,
  • LM-X410EOW, LM-X410FC, LM-X410FCW, LG-Q710BAW,
  • LG-Q710EM, LG-Q710FA, LG-Q710FM, LG-Q710HS,
  • LG-Q710GX, LG-Q710HSW, LG-Q710NAW, LG-Q710YAW,
  • LG-Q710BAW, LG-Q710YBW, LG-X230, LG-X320P

Samsung ServiceS:

  • Change CSC
  • Bypass FRP (MTP)
  • Open Diag Menu
  • Open PreConfig
  • open IMS Settings
  • Open APN Settings

Xiaomi Services:

  • Flash Stock Frimware [BAT]
  • Enable Diag Generic Without Root
  • Enable Diag Generic With Root
  • Read Info [SideLoad]
  • Wipe Data [SideLoad]

Motorola Services: [Fastboot]

  •  Flash Stock Frimware [XML]
  • Read Info
  • Factory Reset

Qualcomm Generic Services:

  • EFS Explorer [Read/Write/Delete/Explorer]
  • Read /Write NV Data [NV/NVF/QCN]
  • Read /Write QCN
  • Read /Reset SPC
Turbo Service Mobile Tool

Turbo Service Mobile Tool

What’s new

  • Free Login
  • Free Register
  • Easy UI
  • IMEI Repair Solution
  • No flashing for most operation
  • The fastest server fetches data

How Can It Work?:

  • First Step is To Download, From Below Link: (Download Zip File ).
  • Next, unzip all files located on the C: drive (this step is key).
  • Make sure that your antivirus has been disabled before beginning installation of any software or updates.
  • After you have installed the folder and setup file with basic instructions, open up its contents and install its setup file.
  • Next, manually create the shortcut on the desktop as the setup does not create it automatically. To make a desktop shortcut: Navigating to “C:Program Files (x86)TurboServiceMobile”, find “TurboServiceMobile.exe“, right click and select Send To > Desktop (Create Shortcut), simply follow these steps for instant direct access!


  • Launch the Shortcut from Desktop “TurboServiceMobile“.
  • Simply click the “Sign UP” button to be taken directly to our signup form where all details, including email, password and name can be filled in before clicking submit.
  • Once your account has been successfully created, then update all required details on the website.

TurboServiceMobile (1)

  • Now back at the tool login menu, simply enter in your recently created login information, and click “Sign IN” for instantaneous tool access.

TurboServiceMobile (2)

  • Next, you will install all drivers; if all are already present you can skip this step.
  • Connect the phone and attempt any functions.
  • Take joy! Take time for yourself!!! Enjoy!!!

How To Download

To Download The Turbo Service Mobile Tool Take These Steps:

  • Visit website.
  • Visit the downloads section of the website.
  • Locate it in the ATurbo Service Mobile Tool then click (Download link).

Turbo Service Mobile Tool

  • After you have completed the downloading, and follow the steps to install the application to your computer.

Turbo Service Mobile Tool V1.0.9

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire  – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad –  Workupload – Sendcm – TeraBox  – 4Shared

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