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Give My Phone Number To Telemarketers

Do you want to trick someone? Spam calls are an effective method to fool people. Robocalls are extremely popular in the modern world. A growing number of companies offer telemarketing services that don’t care a lot about the individual who has the numbers. They’ll continuously harass you with unwanted messages and calls. One study shows that there are more than 48 billion robocalls per year.

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So, how do you give the telemarketers an e-mail address and sign them up to receive spam messages?

Give My Phone Number To Telemarketers

How to Give a Phone Number to Telemarketers & Sign Someone Up For Spam Calls

We will discuss how to assign a telemarketer’s number and then discuss how to sign someone up to receive spam calls in detail. Although these are two different topics, however, we believe there are some similarities between them, as most of us would think that telemarketer calls are spam calls.

How to Give a Phone Number to Telemarketers

Unknowingly, we place our numbers in the hand of telemarketers when we share our numbers with them or by posting the numbers on public profiles, such as sites, Facebook pages, and forums. This also occurs when you agree to certain conditions and terms without looking between those lines or when you accept the credit bureaus and charities that sell your telephone number.

This could result from events beyond your control, for instance, when big companies sell your information to third-party companies. However, if you’re consciously looking to keep the telemarketers’ number, some things are possible.

Using the Automatic Number Identification

For most people, the easiest method to get an address to be viewed by Telemarketers, and for individuals who Sign up to receive unwanted calls is to call 800, 888, or the number 900. Your number is analyzed through the Automated Number Identification system if you make a call. This system will recognize and record the number and then crawl through a network of digital markers closely linked to your identity, and you will begin receiving calls from Telemarketers.

Join for a variety of trials for free.

Free trials of certain services and products will require an e-mail address and phone number. Sure giveaways and other offers may also offer something expensive, and your only obligation is to provide your telephone address and e-mail. They will likely keep calling you to inform you that you didn’t have the chance to win; however, you could benefit from other promotions they have. Online surveys are also included in this category… You know the drill, can give your phone number to as many companies as you can, and they will be able to bombard your phone with calls in the shortest time possible.

How to Spam the number of a phone by calling Sign someone up for Spam calls [Spam phone calls to get revenge[Spam phone calls revenge]

In comparison, having your number listed on a list of telemarketers or contacting a number by calling or signing an individual up for spam phone calls may be more straightforward and cost only a few dollars. We’ll talk about some ways to spam your phone number by calling.

The first method is through using services specially created for this purpose—spam phone calls to retaliate. or are sites focused on making spam calls and messages, and even though they could cost you a few dollars, you’ll be able to achieve what you’re trying to accomplish.

Place an online ad

It’s a different way to receive unwanted calls bombarding your phone in just a few minutes. If you make an account on a dating website and make your phone number for people who visit the site, you’ll receive many calls. If you put up an ad on a website such as craigslist and offer the product or service on sale for the lowest price or put up an ad for something that people would die to acquire and then offer to provide it for free. You will likely get plenty of people calling your number within minutes.

Completing surveys, filling out forms, and signing up for free items

Like receiving a call from a telemarketer, receiving spam messages could also happen similarly; only the difference is that it could come from unsavory methods. By putting a phone number on adult sites or gambling deals and for lucky gift vouchers, and even to display your desire to support charities, you could get your phone number into the hands of those who will bombard you with phone calls.

Of all the ways to get someone signed up to receive spam calls, choosing a specialized company in this kind of service could be the most effective, even though it is costly. This article provides a list of android applications using which you can make calls that are spam.

Here are some methods to get someone signed up to receive text messages or calls from spammers or provide an e-mail address to telemarketers:


On this website, it is possible to anonymously make fake, funny messages to your desired person or even send them a plethora of random details via texts. It’s one of the most reliable websites and is very user-friendly. Additionally, it provides an alternative number for you to use for sending calls and texts instead of your actual number.


This site lets you play a non-aggressive prank on your subject. It allows you to send various random information about animals and other objects to any number you want to send it. It is important to note that this is a pay-per-send site. You can send up to 50 messages for $3. It’s only accessible within Canada and the US as well as Canada.


This is another well-known site for Pranks. The site uses random numbers to make messages and calls to the person you want to intended target. You are also able to send personalized messages if you’d like. The recipient is not in a position to block the numbers since there are so many of them. The site allows 20 SMS for $2.19 and is only available within Canada in addition to the US.


This website lets you make various fun prank calls to your target as often as you like. However, the site will not keep your number secret. It is necessary to have an alias number to make the phone calls.


Similar to, This site allows you to send a lot of texts and humorous random text bombs and images. Some of the famous pranks available on this website include fake craigslist phone joke’ and ‘endless cats.’ There is also a paysite, where you can make 20 text messages for $2.19. Unfortunately, the service is only accessible within Canada and the US in the US and Canada.

Other spam sites include:

  • (paid through a credit-based system).
  • (free with a maximum of 300 characters in a word).
  • (free with a limit of 155 characters in each message).
  • (free and charged with a credit card) auto sender.
  • (free).

Another option is to post appealing ads on websites like Craigslist or dating sites and adult websites with the number. You may also participate in contests or register for trial trials, vacations, cruises, promotions, and sales using the number. This puts the number into the hands of the telemarketers.

It is vital to remember that providing a phone number to telemarketers can mean people will receive constant calls. This isn’t a good decision. This is only a temporary choice; however, it’s precisely as efficient.

Unsavory Things You Can Do With a phone number You Are Hateful?

One of the worst things you can do is give the telemarketers a phone number. The best method for doing it is dialing the 800 or 888 number containing the desired number.

It is also possible to:

  1. Make appealing ads or sales on sites such as Craigslist with the contact number listed as a contact number
  2. Find the adult websites or dating sites with a sexy image or text, or both.
  3. Join random contests by using the number
  4. Share the phone number on your website or social media, or darknet websites
  5. Find the number of bathroom stalls, and you will see a welcoming message
  6. Our final wrong suggestion is to sign the person up to receive text messages or calls from spammers.

How To Spam Phone Number With Texts And Calls

To send a text message to a phone number by sending texts, You can make the number available on spam websites. These sites send a variety of messages to your target. These spam sites include:

You can purchase credits or earn them, after which you can create and unleash the prank. It’s available globally.

With this website that plays pranks, it is possible to send anonymous messages or texts to anyone you want – add the number and the message to the website. This website is accessible globally and is free. However, the letters can only be 300 characters.

The site’s purpose is like previously mentioned. Its only distinction is that it limits the messages to 150 characters. The service will only work within the US.

This site lets you disguise your number and send out prank messages to anyone around the world. It’s free, accessible worldwide, doesn’t require registration but is subject to certain restrictions.


In contrast to the other options listed on the list below. It’s an iOS application that permits users to set up unlimited text messages to be delivered at the specified time to any number as an SMS bomb.

How do I find someone’s phone Number using Snapchat?

If you want to find someone’s phone number on Snapchat, it is necessary to ask them directly or run reverse searches. Snapchat does not make public any private information without their permission. If a user cannot share the contact details on their profile, there’s no way to obtain it via it without asking for it or seeking it elsewhere.

It is possible to take time to build a relationship with your friend, begin an ongoing conversation with them, send them pictures, or engage with them in Snapchat videos until you feel at a point where they are comfortable enough to share their contact information.

Alternately, you can test these strategies:

Reverse lookup

Reverse lookups involve Google looking up the user’s Snapchat username to discover the other social media accounts. The additional charges may display their contact information. You can also lookup Snapchat’s Snapchat username on different social networks. Someone could be using the same username on multiple accounts.


With Facebook, you don’t have to know someone’s name to locate them. However, it can help speed up your search. Instead, you can determine the place they attended school or the place they work. If you have one of their friends, You can utilize that to locate them.

People are searching for information through search engines.

People search engines like Qipido Social catfish, Peoplelooker, Whitepages, Spokeo, BeenVerified, and Zabasearch to find someone’s number. Each website uses a bit of data to search for more details, and you may require the username, name, last name, or e-mail address of the person you are looking for to locate any other information.

They collect public information about individuals across the world for free. They do not require registration or registration. However, they are restricted to specific countries.

Contact a friend

If you’re in a relationship with the person’s contact number you’re looking for, It’s easy to contact for their number. But, to not appear like a creep, make sure to ask with respect and solid reason.

Places to Buy Phone Numbers for Telemarketing

You can purchase phone numbers for telemarketing through companies that offer telemarketing lists. They will provide you with an individualized list of prospective customers based on your desired group of customers. It is recommended to determine the demographics of your prospective customers’ age, income, job, marital status, and where they live before you contact a provider to provide the specificity. Before purchasing, inquire if the list has been distributed to other companies that sell telemarketing. If you’re working with a new company, it is possible to request a sample number before paying to be sure that they meet your requirements.

Some of the top lists of telemarketing companies are:


Phone Number Extractors/Scrapers

It is possible to use phone number extractors as well as phone scrapers. These extractors/scrapers collect millions of active mobile, phone or fax numbers in minutes to enable telemarketing or SMS marketing. You can export the data into Excel, CSV, and Text formats. You can also choose to offer various filters to narrow the search scope.

Two of the top and most well-known phone number extractors or scrapers are cute phone number extractors for the Web and the best lead extractor.

Other examples include;

  1. The lead extractor in the Atomic atom
  2. Miniwebtool
  3. Binary clues
  4. Monkeylearn

A few e-mail extractors include:

  1. E-mail grabber
  2. Autopark software
  3. E-mail extractor 14
  4. E-mail extractor pro
  5. Top Lead Extractor
  6. Cute web e-mail extractor
  7. Y-leads extractor
  8. E-mail extractor chrome extension
  9. Gmail e-mail extractor
  10. E-mail checker/e-mail extractor


Another newer method of obtaining numbers for telemarketing calls is robot dialing. A robodialer allows you to dial several numbers to identify active numbers. You have to choose an area code and then a prefix. The robodialer will dial every number in the range 0000 to 9999. Calls will get routed to you when someone calls up or clicks 1, or whatever you have chosen to. If nobody picks up the ring, it will go to the following number.

Google Maps/Business

Many people are unaware that you can find a wealth of information on Google maps. These days, most people use ‘ Google maps and ‘ Google My Business to increase the visibility of their business. You can locate the contact details of various companies based on the type of business you want to target.

For instance, you’re trying to promote a new tool for carpentry. You go to Google maps and type in carpenters from Minnesota’. Google maps then provide the list of carpenters who work in Minnesota and their names and company names, address, review, and working hours. When you click on a company’s name, it gives additional details, including the URL to the website of the company address, the company’s address, zip code, company number, directions to the location, photographs, and other close locations.

The disadvantage of this method is the need to transfer data of data from Google maps to excel as well as CSV format. The process must be completed by hand. There are specific online tools or browser extensions that can make the process more efficient. One such tool is ListGrabber; It assists in converting the data from Google maps into an organized list. Unfortunately, it’s not a free application.

Is It Illegal to Put Someone’s Phone Number Online?

Yes, it’s illegal to publish someone else’s phone number online without their consent. It could be considered harassment, mainly done with malicious intent – it is usually referred to as Doxing. The victim can pursue legal action based on the nature of the dox and its intention, and the extent.

It is crucial to remember that doxing is legal in certain situations. For instance, if the number is publically available or obtained legally. If doxing is considered unlawful, the person who did it could be imprisoned for six months. They could be fined $500 and get an arrest report.

Is It Illegal to Sign Someone Up Spam?

It is illegal to sign up someone to receive e-mail messages without their consent. If the action is carried out with malicious intent, does the recipient any harm, or places them in danger and is therefore illegal and could be regarded as harassment. However, it may be considered legitimate spam when the recipient can block the spam and stop receiving them. The fact is that the practice of spam is legally legal within the US except when it violates specific rules.

Can You Sell Your Phone Number?

Yes, you can sell your number if you have a memorable one. Certain businesses or organizations frequently request attractive phone numbers from service providers. If the number belongs to you, you can get a payment for it. The provider will transfer the number to the business and provide you with a new number. You can also sell your attractive number on websites such as number barn or vanity tel.

Another way that a phone number is transferred is via the internet, known as “the dark Web. If a criminal has access to your phone number, they can offer it for sale to anybody on this dark internet. Furthermore, the number can be used to access your bank accounts and social networks.


There are a lot of pranks available, but giving an e-mail address to the telemarketers must be one of the most unwise. Telemarketers are often feared for their swarming messages and calls to random numbers. They’re also sweet and adept at convincing people to purchase things they don’t require. Your target will either receive many unwanted calls or be enticed into buying something of no value.

Should you provide a phone number to Telemarketers? Are you willing to do that? Do you think it’s worth it?

These are the kinds of questions you must ask yourself before signing up someone to receive spam. If you choose to go with the idea, this article will offer the most practical ideas and the effects. If you’re a telemarketer or someone who wants to sell a telephone number, you will be able to find helpful information in this article.


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