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All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download In this article, I’ve got an application that lets you reboot your phone from different modes. After installing this application, you will not have to download any other software. It supports booting via ADB to fastboot ADB for RecoveryRecovery ADB to download, RecoveryRecovery to ADB Fastboot to EDL, and other tools. The HALATECH Team develops ALL Reboot tools. This is the most recent version. To use the tool, you must connect and download the program and then connect your device to complete your task.

All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

This All Reboot Tool is a simple and free tool that runs commands inspired by the CMD and is a great solution that doesn’t call to write commands by hand or take them out of the text file saved by you and then paste it into CMD. All you need be able to connect your smartphone to the computer, open the program and then select the option you want to execute, regardless of whether it’s in Adb mode or fastboot mode, and Modified Recovery Mode (just one button).

All Reboot Tool v5.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download







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All Tools For Rebooting Are Included:

Allow Root:-

The function that this option performs is to give root access at the touch of one button. This feature is compatible with all Android phones, and not only Xiaomi and even recent Samsung phone models (after the rooting process and installation of Majestic, unplug the phone’s wireless connection so that you do not get prompted to upgrade Majestic). If there’s a higher version than the one you’ve installed, you must start Magistek and select Allow Root, and a message will pop up on the phone asking you to accept or decline root access.

All Reboot Tool v5.0

It is a crucial option to use following repeated calls on the telephone. This is a helpful option to use when the Adb isn’t responding. When you press Adb Refresh to release the Adb, the system will uninstall it from the Adb from all software associated with it. It appears as if it was hooked up to the system, like if you’ve done an update of your computer and then connected the phone.

Device Manager:-

  • Pressing this button, Device Manager will open
  • Read information ( Fastboot)
  • Read phone data in fastboot mode.
All Reboot Tool v4.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

All Reboot Tool v4.0 Latest Update Tool Free Download

Read Product Name ( Xiaomi ):-

  • to find out the development name, or (Product) to know the development name or (Product) Xiaomi phones operating in Fastboot mode

Read all the information (Xiaomi) Read all information (Xiaomi)

  • To find out all the details regarding the Xiaomi phone and how it is linked to the
  • Huawei fastboot mode to access the information on this Huawei phone (the model’s name and the version number), and the phone connects to Sony.
  • fastboot mode Read the specifications on the Sony phone and ensure that the handset is in the fastboot mode.

Reboot To Adb To Fastboot

  • Change the phone’s standard mode (and the phone is in ADB mode) to fastboot mode. You can do this by the identical command (in the case that you are in recovery mode) when you use this command to switch the phone from recovery mode and enter fastboot mode.

Adb To Recovery:-

  • Switch the phone to regular operation (and that the device is in ADB mode) to standard or modified recovery mode.

Recovery To ADB:-

  • Move the phone into recovery mode.

Fastboot To ADB:-

  • Switch the handset from Fastboot mode to normal mode

Fastboot To EDL 1:-

  • This option is only meant for bootloaders of phones that are locked only. The purpose of this command is to change the phone’s bootloader. to
All Reboot Tool v4.0

All Reboot Tool v4.0


  • The mode is changed to EDL mode.
  • They are both identical, however often, the first command doesn’t work, and we have to resort to another command (some phones are compatible using the first command, and some phones use both commands)

Xiaomi Fix Fastboot

  • This command is employed to flash the phone with an authentic ROM, which becomes stuck on fastboot mode. This assists us in restarting the phone back to normal mode.

Download Mode (Samsung):-

  • This command can transform Samsung devices from standard mode into flash mode (download mode).

Reset EFS:-

  • If you hit this button, the page will appear with various options:

Reset EFS (TWRP):-

  • You can use this command to restart your EFS to default settings for Xiaomi phones with an individual recovery (when you type this button, the phone has to be in elastic recovery mode)
  • Reset EFS (Fastboot) Reset EFS (Fastboot). Can employ this command to restore the EFS
  • and the phone is in fastboot and the phone in fastboot (this option is only available on phones with Eng Rom and, occasionally, with phones that come with official ROM and root, without the requirement of modified RecoveryRecovery). The phone has Eng Rom and is in Adb fast mode or Adb. There’s no difference. If you run the command and are in Adb mode, and the phone is switched into Adb mode and fastboot mode, then the EFS will be reset to zero (this is pretty much the case with all Xiaomi phones, except for some models below are alternatives for each model.
Download All Reboot Tool v4.0

Download All Reboot Tool v4.0

Reset EFS Redmi Note 8 (After Eng Rom):-

  • This command will restore it to reset the EFS on the Xiaomi Note 8 (ginkgo) and also to enable Eng Rom in Fastboot or Adb modes. It doesn’t matter between the two modes. If you run this command when your phone has been in Adb mode, it will convert the phone from Adb mode into Fastboot mode, then the EFS.

Poco X3 (Fastboot After Eng Rom):-

  • It will be reset. This command can restart the EFS for the troublesome X3 Pro or X3 NFC phone when it is in fastboot mode. The phone comes with Eng Rom.

Reset EFS Poco F2 Pro / Redmi K30 (Lmi):-

  • You can use this command to restore the EFS EFS of the complicated Poco F2 Pro phone in fastboot mode. The phone is currently on Eng Rom.

EFS Backup (TWRP):-

  • This command will create a backup of the EFS file for Xiaomi phones with modified RecoveryRecovery (the phone has to be in Recovery Mode Modifier (
  • EFS Folder .)
  • If you hit this button, the folder where the EFS copy you took from the phone will open.

Reset NVRAM:-

  • If you press this button, the window will open with two choices.


  • If you press the button above, a new webpage will open with a variety of options to choose from

Boot Flash (Fastboot):-

What is the best option for flashing Boot files? The phone should be running an open bootloader or Eng Rom on it. Copy the Boot file you wish to flash and click the Boot Flash (Fastboot) button, which will open a new folder containing some files. Copy into it the Boot file (the name of the file should be Boot specifically for the sake of flashing). Then, execute the batch file called Boot that is formatted in bat. Then press any button on the keyboard to flash the Firmware.

All Reboot Tool v4.0 Latest Update Tool

All Reboot Tool v4.0 Latest Update Tool

Recovery Flash (Fastboot):-

This is the exact command as the one previously used, but to flash the modified recovery file to phones or for a standard recovery file (the file’s name must be RecoveryRecovery solely to ensure the success of the flashing procedure)

Modem Flash (Fastboot):-

This is the process of flashing a modem file using the fastboot mode to phone bootloaders or Eng Rom in the knowledge that the file’s name should be solely modem to ensure the achievement of the flashing procedure.

Sideload Flash Zip:-

Sidelined flashing can be described as a feature included in the modified RecoveryRecovery, which allows users to flash ROMs, root files, or compressed ones with Zip format without transferring the files onto the phone’s internal memory or using a memory card or flash (OTG). Utilizing the Sidelined feature allows you to flash the file on the PC directly, without the need for all the previous (note when hitting the Sidelined Flash Zip button, an open folder with the flashing files will open. Copy the file that you want to flash onto that folder. ADB sidelined the flash directory and gave the file the number 1. Then execute flashing using the ADB sidelined batch flash file.)

Flash Eng Modem ( Fastboot Mode Unlocked Bootloader):-

These commands are now available for flashing Eng Modem to Xiaomi phones that come with an unlocked bootloader or equipped with Eng Rom or the

Download All Reboot Tool v4.0 Latest Update Tool

Download All Reboot Tool v4.0 Latest Update Tool

Supported phones include:

  • Redmi Note 10 Pro ( sweet )
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro Max ( Sweetin )
  • Mi 11 Lite ( courbet )
  • Mi 10 5G ( umi )
  • Poco M3 ( citrus )
  • Redmi 9T ( lime )
  • Redmi Go ( tiare )

Enable Diag:-

  • If you hit this button, an open window will appear with various choices
  • the at the top. Some codes activate the diag feature for older Xiaomi phones and the models Redmi 8 (olive) and Redmi 8A (olivelite) by pressing the dial pad, writing the code, and then rebooting the phone.
  • Disable Diag (ROOT) ) to activate the
  • Diagnose for phones unlocked using the bootloader or with root Enable
  • Diag No Root It has to be root and can also be employed to turn on the other Diag (some new Xiaomi Qualcomm phones come with 2 Diag). By using this method, it will activate the Diag (successful for all phones)
All Reboot Tool

All Reboot Tool

Tool Description

  • Clicking the button above, a page will open with information about the tool and how to transfer the files onto this page (explanations via videos on YouTube)

Minimal ADB and Fastboot:-

  • This is the Cmd program that might require to execute specific instructions (this is if commands are not available on the tool . This is not a common thing that all commands are 99.9)

In the section Bootloader in the Bootloader section:

The commands that unlock the bootloader on older Xiaomi devices are now available in fastboot mode. The free MI Unlock Tool for unlocking the bootloader on older Xiaomi devices has been added. Below are the steps that will unlock the bootloader of Redmi Note 8 ginkgo and Redmi Note 8 willow on all TR Tools PRODFT PROHalab Tech Tool UMTOnceyou click on the button. It’ll direct you to YouTube to find out the procedure.

In the FRP Section

All commands can now bypass FRP protections for older Qualcomm phones that are bypassed when by fastboot (Xiaomi General Mobile Vestel – HTC MICROMAX Ya YOPHORIA and Lenovo). Command has been included to disable FRP protection for Samsung phones that run Android Android 10 and 11 through Adb following the opening of the Adb vulnerability by using Alliance Shield APK.

My Account:-

  • . Added Xiaomi Mi Account Bypass. It assists us in bypassing your Mi Account account while in regular Recovery mode (Mi Assistant) and is utilized with locked Xiaomi phones with bootloaders. It also includes Redmi Note 9 Pro.
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
  • Redmi Note 10
  • Redmi Note 11
  • Poco X3
  • A button has been added. The other button is, and a button has been added to, and a button has been added for the Redmi Note 10 phone with and thanks to Brother Nizar Ridawi, who provided these tools and commands.
  • In the section Tools, Many essential tools have been included to assist us in creating rootLZ4 to IMG Converter, a software that converts files from LZ4 format to img format.
All Reboot Tool v4.0 Latest Update Free Download

All Reboot Tool v4.0 Latest Update Free Download

IMG To MD5 Converter:-

  • A program that converts files from img format to format. . will open Apk installer software to install Apk-based applications for Android smartphones (after clicking the button Apk installer ), the folder for the program, and you can copy the app into the folder, and then modify the file’s name with the number 1. Then, execute the batch file called Apk installer bat format. It will display the user A message on your phone, asking you to permit the application to run the program following your approval. Within minutes the application will be running, God willing, Qualcomm Special Tool (Repair IMEI)
  • IMEI repair software to repair IMEI on Qualcomm phonesWriteDualIMEI (W+G_eMMC) is Also an easy IMEI fix program to repair Qualcomm phones in Editor (old). A program to alter the Qin files for older Xiaomi phones.

How To Use?

  1. In the beginning, you must get the ZIP file by clicking the link below.
  2. Then, you should remove all files from C: drive this is extremely crucial
  3. After that then, open the folder where you need to extract all the files
  4. Start your ” All Reboot tool v5.0 setup.exe.” 
  5. After that, you’ll need to install all the drivers you already have installed. If not, skip this step.
  6. Connect the phone to the internet and try to accomplish any function
  7. Enjoy !!!

How To Download All Reboot tool v5.0

To download All Reboot tool v5.0, you must visit The website can be found by typing “All Reboot tool v5.0”. Once on the website, Look (Download Link). Select the suitable version for your device and click ‘Download Link.’ Next, you need to unzip the file and copy it to your phone’s root directory. Finally, you need to open the file and follow the instructions to install the software.

All Reboot tool v4.0

Download Link:: MediafireUsersdrive -Mega – Google Drive4sharedOneDrive – TeraBox

All Reboot tool v5.0

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Google Drive – 4shared – Racaty – Drive.Filen – Up4EVER – FastuUpLoad

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