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TF FRP Tool by Techno Fayez Latest Version Free Download

The TF FRP Tool by Techno Feyez is a small Windows software for computers. With this program, people can resolve a number of Android smartphone issues. However, in this tool, developers are focusing on the issue of FRP with Android devices. Now, you can unlock any device with Qualcomm, MediaTek, or SPD CPU. It is easy to unlock this lock. Also, you have access to numerous features with this tool that can help users resolve other issues by following a straightforward guide.

TF FRP Tool by Techno Fayez Latest Version Free Download

TF FRP Tool by Techno Fayez Latest Version Free Download

TF FRP Tool by Techno Fayez Latest Version Free Download







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Features of TF FRP TOOL:

  • The mode supports Fastboot, ADB, MTP, Mtk, Samsung, and Qualcomm modes
  • Read Information connected to smartphones. It can assist users in identifying the crucial details.
  • This can be utilized to get around Factory Reset Protection (FRP) for devices with Spreadtrum (SPD) processors.
  • Allows users to reboot their device into recovery mode or normal mode.
  • Supports factory reset as well as FRP removal on Mtk devices.
  • It can be used to remove FRP from Samsung devices.
  • Include auth bypass features for Samsung devices
  • This can eliminate FRP from devices operating when MTP test mode is used.
  • Enables you to remove old Samsung FRP using download mode
  • This can be used to fix problems with baseband in download mode.
  • Supports MTP to transition from download mode
  • Allows you to reset factory settings on your device via MTP mode.
  • The tool can also enable the Exit Mode in one click.
  • Supports sideload factory resets, FRP removal, and Mi account deactivation
  • This mode can open the bootloader for Note 8 devices using sideload mode.
TF FRP Tool by Techno Fayez Free Download

TF FRP Tool by Techno Fayez Free Download

What’s New! TF FRP Tool By Techno Feyez


  • Find out more Information
  • Get rid of FRP/Old SPD
  • Reboot for Recovery
  • Reboot to Normal


  • Find out more Information
  • Eliminate FRP All
  • Removing My Account
  • Enable diag Root/Nonroot
  • Reboot
  • MTP Open Browser
  • Coming soon…


  • Factory Reset
  • Eliminate FRP
  • Remove FRP Samsung
  • Auth Bypass


  • Testing Mode MTP FRP Removal
  • Old Samsung FRP is removed using Download Mode
  • Repair baseband using Download Mode
  • The MTP to Download Mode
  • Mtp Factory reset
  • Download Exit


  • Sideload Factory reset
  • Sideload FRP
  • Sideload Mi Account Deletable
  • Sideload Note 8 Unlock BL

What Is The Best Way To Utilize It?

  1. The first step is to get the ZIP file by clicking the following link
  2. Find all the files in the C drive
  3. Start the folder and then run ” TF FRP Tool.exe.”
  4. Another tool can be accessible in a flash, and you do not require logging in or activation
  5. Install all the necessary drivers on your computer
  6. Connect your phone next using a USB cable and then use all functions
  7. Enjoy!
TF FRP Tool by Techno Fayez

TF FRP Tool by Techno Fayez


Techno Fayez TF FRP Tool Techno Fayez TF tool solution provides a sturdy and versatile solution to manage and solve issues that arise with smartphones. It is simple to use and integrates with various applications and tools. The TF FRP tool is a fantastic choice if you require assistance with your smartphone.

How to Download

Downloading is easy. Visit the and follow the instructions to download the tool onto your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, you can begin unlocking your device. is a powerful tool designed to unlock your Android device . To Only ( Download Link)  simply follow the steps below:

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – 4shared – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad – Sendcm

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