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Super One Click Tool Free Download

Super One Click Tool Free Download For old Android Devices Only

Smartphones with Android operating system are popular and a lot of users are looking for apps to help with management and administration. SuperOneClick is a program that allows you to be an administrator for your Android device so that you can make all sorts of changes.

Super One Click 2.3.3 Tool Free Download

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Super One Click turns users into sole owner for your Android device, with the benefits of this; complete freedom to install all sorts of apps and to modify your device by using a variety of ROMs.

Features Super One Click:

  • Easily alternate between different ROMs.
  • Create backups of the contents of your operating system very easily.
  • Obtain captures from your telephone without having to install the Android SDK.
  • Manage to increase the battery’s life on certain terminals.


Super One Click 2.3.3 Tool Free Download.There’s a large number of terminals that are compatible with SuperOneClick, as in the case of the Samsung i9000, Motorola Droid, Nexus One, or Samsung Spice devices among others. SuperOneClick provides absolute control over them, even though in other cases you’ll only be able to apply a level 1 ‘rooting’, which requires the use of further software to carry out a subsequent process. That is the case with terminals like the Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic), Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible), HTC Desire GSM, HTC Aria, or HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz) among others.

Use at your own risk

SuperOneClick will offer you the key to the total management of your Android device, but you have to be careful: this type of program, may make you lose your product’s guarantees or render them useless if not used properly, which we’re very sure that you don’t want to happen.
Download SuperOneClick for free and you’ll be able to access your Android device as an administrator.

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive it’s very important
  3. Next, open the folder which you have to extract all files
  4. Run the “SuperOneClick.exe
  5. Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
  6. Connect the phone and try to do any function
  7. Enjoy !!!

Smartphones running the Android operating system have become popularand numerous users are looking for apps that can be used to manage their management and administration. SuperOneClick is a program or application that lets users to take on the role of manager of your Android device and in an approach that you’ll be able to perform any kind of modification.

Super One Click transforms users into sole owner for your Android device. It comes with advantages that this gives you; absolute freedom to install any kind of application or to personalize the device using all sorts of ROMs.


  • It is easy to switch between various ROMs.
  • Make backupsof everything on your system quickly.
  • Capture images from your phone without the need to install Android SDK. Android SDK.
  • You can prolong the battery’s life at certain terminals.


There are a lot of terminals compatible with SuperOneClick, for example, in the case of Samsung i9000, Motorola Droid, Nexus One, or Samsung Spice devices, among others. SuperOneClick gives you complete control over these devices, even though in some cases, you’ll only be able to use a level one ‘rooting,’ which requires the use of additional software to complete the procedure. This is the case for terminals such as those of the Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic), Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible), HTC Desire GSM, HTC Aria or HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz), as well as others.

Make use of this site at your discretion.

You will lose your device’s warranty or render them unusable when not properly used, and we’re sure that you would not like it to occur. Get SuperOneClick free of charge, and you’ll be able to connect to the internet on your Android phone as an administrator.

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