MCT MTK Bypass Tool All Version Free Download

The MCT MTK bypass Tool All Versions Free Download. MediaTek Bypass Tool is a free application developed by the MCT team to bypass the AUTH protection of the latest MTK chipset-powered Android phones very effortlessly. The tool can be used for MTK MT6735, MT6737, MT6739, MT6750, MT6765, MT6771, MT6785, MT8127, MT8163, MT8173 chipset-powered Android phones. If you own the same version of CPU and you wish to unlock FRP or pattern from your phone, follow these easy steps and download the MediaTek MTK Auth Bypass Tool to remove the USB security and unlock the pattern or FRP using SP Flash Tool.

MCT MTK Bypass Tool All Version Free Download

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Nowadays, every Android phone comes equipped with USB security to prevent third-party flashing and abuse by the phone. It is not possible to use flashing or unlocking your device using an authorization or tool. In this case you can use you can use the MediaTek Auth Bypass tool can aid you in bypassing the authentication security on your phone.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool assists to recognize the Oppo, Vivo, Tecno, Xiaomi Redmi, Infinix, MTK based smartphones into the SP flash tool, Miracle Box, UMT, MRT, MCT, the CM2 Dongle to flash or unlocking the phone. It includes an auto-installer software and works with windows 10 Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP (32 & 64bit) architecture.

The OPPO Realme MTK MASTER TOOL from World1st Mobile solution. The tool’s function is Format PIN, Pattern and FRP bypassing using META Mode. The creator of the tool’s market-first tool, who was the founder and developed this method. I am sharing this tool in the link at the bottom of the article. You can download and test. But the tool must be activated. I’m trying to bypass HWID verification. In 5-10 days, I’ll post here the crack file. Do not purchase the tool are not guaranteed money-back. Many dongle companies already provide updates to utilize these services.


  • Explosive Update / ALL MTK CPU,
  • Game Over Oppo. World 1st Won the battle
  • Mediatek MT6889Z Dimensity 1000+ NEW
  • MediaTek MT6873 Dimensity 800U 5G NEW
  • MediaTek MT6873V Dimensity 800 5G NEW
  • MediaTek MT6853V Dimensity 720 5G NEW
  • MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 5G NEW
  • Mediatek MT6779V Helio P95 NEW
  • Mediatek MT6785 Helio G90T NEW
  • Mediatek Helio G80 NEW
  • Mediatek Helio G70 NEW
  • MediaTek Helio G35 NEW
  1. 4 Methods.
  2. Try Generic Method and Method 2 first
  3. if not done.
  • Oppo A72 5G  NEW
  • Oppo A55 5G  NEW
  • Oppo A73 5G  NEW
  • Oppo K7x  NEW
  • Oppo A92s NEW
  • Oppo F17 Pro NEW
  • Oppo F17 NEW
  • Oppo Reno3 Pro NEW
  • Oppo Reno3 NEW
  • Oppo Reno Z NEW
  • Oppo Reno 4F NEW
  • Oppo Reno 4 Lite NEW
  • Oppo Reno 2Z NEW
  • Oppo A93 NEW
  • CPH2001  F15
  • CPH1989  RENO 2F
  • CPH2021  A91
  • CPH1835  R15
  • CPH1969  F11 Pro
  • CPH1911  F11
  • CPH1913  F11
  • CPH1915  F11
  • CPH1969  F11 Pro
  • CPH1987  F11 Pro
  • CPH2039  F11 Pro
  • CPH2063  F11 Pro
  • CPH1823  F9
  • CPH1825  F9 Pro
  • CPH1881  F9
  • CPH1819  F7
  • CPH1811  F7
  • CPH1821  F7
  • CPH1938 A9
  • CPH1837 A3
  • CPH1869 Realme 1
  • CPH1859 Realme 1 / F7 Youth
  • CPH1861 Realme 1
  • PCPM00  A91
  • PCPT00  A9
  • PACM00  R15
  • PACT00  R15
  • PADM00  A3
  • PADT00  A3
  • PCAM10  A9
  • PCAT10  Reno Lite
  • PCEM00  A9x
  • PCET00  A9x
  • PCPM00  A91
  • PCPT00  A91
  • PDBM00  OPPO A8
  • PCDM00  OPPO A7N
  • PCDT00  OPPO A7N
  • Oppo A7X
  • CPH1723 F5
  • CPH1727 F5
  • CPH1725 F5 Youth
  • CPH1729 A83
  • CPH1827 A83
  • OPPO A83 PRO
  • OPPO A73
  • OPPO A79
  • OPPO A1
  • CPH1923  OPPO A1k
  • CPH1925  OPPO A1s
  • CPH1926  OPPO A1k
  • CPH2015  OPPO A31
  • CPH2029  OPPO A31
  • CPH2031  OPPO A31
  • CPH2073  OPPO A31
  • CPH2081  OPPO A31
  • CPH2071  OPPO A11k
  • CPH2077  OPPO A12
  • CPH2083  OPPO A12
  • CPH2185  OPPO A15
  • CPH2179  OPPO A15
  • CPH1909  OPPO A5s
  • CPH1910  OPPO A5s
  • CPH1912  OPPO A5s
Realme :
  • Realme X7 Pro NEW
  • Realme X7 NEW
  • Realme Q2 Pro NEW
  • Realme Q2 NEW
  • Realme Q2i NEW
  • Realme V15 5G NEW
  • Realme 7 5G RMX2111  NEW
  • Realme 7i NEW
  • Realme V15 5G  NEW
  • Realme X7  NEW
  • Realme V3 5G  NEW
  • Realme Narzo 20  NEW
  • Realme Narzo 10A  NEW
  • Realme Narzo 10 NEW
  • Realme 6S NEW
  • Realme C3i NEW
  • RMX2040  Realme 6i  NEW
  • RMX2001  Realme 6  NEW
  • RMX2020  Realme C3  NEW
  • RMX3061  Realme C20
  • RMX3063  Realme C20
  • RMX2186  Realme C15
  • RMX2180  Realme C15
  • RMX2189  Realme C12
  • RMX2181  Realme C11
  • RMX2182  Realme C11
  • RMX2183  Realme C11 (SUSPECTED)
  • RMX2184  Realme C11
  • RMX2185  Realme C11
  • RMX2187  Realme C11
  • RMX1941  Realme C2
  • RMX1945  Realme C2
  • RMX1827  Realme 3i
  • RMX1821  Realme 3
  • RMX1822  Realme 3
  • RMX1823  Realme 3
  • RMX1825  Realme

The MCT MTK bypass tool All Versions Free Download

This program is designed to bypass security protections on Macs. It lets you access the files and folders which normally are restricted.

Mct Mtk Bypass Tool All Version Free Download Mct Bypass Tool All Version Free Download Bypass tool All Version Free Download is an application that lets the users to get around MTK restrictions on their devices.

Download Mediatek Bypass Tool V4 By MCT | New Mtk Auth Bypass Tool

The latest Mtk Auth Bypass Tool v4 is an extremely powerful tool that lets users to bypass Mediatek MTK authentication. The tool is free to download and install and is compatible on all Mediatek firmware versions.

It is the Mediatek Bypass Tool V4 is an innovative Mtk Auth bypass device that lets users effortlessly get around authentication requirements on Mediatek devices. This tool is free for download and use to unlock many Mediatek devices, such as tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

Mct Mtk Bypass Tool All Version Free Download

Mct Mtk Bypass Tool All Version Free Download is a software that helps you bypass your MTK device’s security restrictions.

Mct Mtk Bypass Tool All Version Free Download is a software that allows you to bypass MTK restrictions on your device. It is designed to help you access all the features of your phone without any trouble.

Mct Mtk Bypass Tool Latest Version

The Mct Mtk Bypass Tool is a software that allows users to bypass certain restrictions and limitations that may be present on their mobile device. It is currently available in both a free and paid version, and it has been designed to work with all versions of the MTK platform.

This is a tool that allows you to bypass MTK restrictions. It is the latest version and can be downloaded for free.
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