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SamFw FRP Tool v4.2 – One Click Remove FRP Latest Tool Download

SamFw FRP Tool v4.2 – One Click Remove FRP Latest Tool Download. The SamFwTool 4.2 tool is powerful and specifically made for Samsung and LG devices. This tool provides many functions and features that make managing your device easy. SamFw Tool 4.2 is equipped with everything you need.

SamFw FRP Tool v4.2 - One Click Remove FRP Latest Tool Download

SamFw FRP Tool v4.2 – One Click Remove FRP Latest Tool Download

SamFw FRP Tool v4.2 – One Click Remove FRP Latest Tool Download






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These are some key features of SamFw Tool 2.4


Samsung MTP – Add Read Android Version and FRP Status

  • MTP protocol allows files to be transferred from a device to a computer. SamFw Tool Version 4.2 now allows you to read your Samsung smartphone’s Android version and FRP status via MTP.

Fix stuck Waiting For DIAG port (Enable Secret Code Verizon)

  • SamFw Tool 2.4.2 fixes the issue and gives Verizon secret codes.

Fix detect Testmode for change CSC

  • Changes to your Samsung smartphone’s CSC (Consumer Software Customization) can be complicated. SamFw Tool 2.4.2 fixes the problem with detecting test mode during the change to the CSC.


  • Add LG UP to Flash KDZ LG
  • LG UP and SamFw Tool 4.2 are great additions for LG users. This feature makes it simple to flash KDZ files onto your LG device.


  • [ADB]- Add Applications manager
  • SamFw Tool 2.4.2’s Applications manager makes managing your apps via ADB easy.

Fix the app’s running problem.

  • Have you ever had problems with apps not running properly on your device? SamFw Tool 2.0 fixes this issue, so your apps can run smoothly.

Increase app performance (reduce CPU use)

  • SamFw Tool 2.0 optimizes app performance, which reduces CPU usage and improves overall performance.

Fix some Bugs

  • SamFw Tool 2.4.2 addresses various issues that can affect your Samsung and LG devices.
  • The tool has many features and functions that simplify managing your device, troubleshooting any issues and making firmware changes. Don’t wait! SamFw Tool version 4.2 can be downloaded now, and you will see the power of this tool firsthand.
samfw frp tool latest version download

samfw frp tool latest version download



  • Samsung Test mode ( #0#). Enter test mode on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Remove FRP Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Remove FRP new security Samsung devices now have new security features that remove FRP.
  • Samsung Factory reset Perform a factory reset on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Knox must be disabled Disable Knox on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Disable factory mode Disable Factory mode on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung MTP mode Enable MTP mode on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Enable secret code for Verizon Enable secret code for Verizon on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Mode ADB Enable ADB mode on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Change CSC Change CSC (Consumer Software Customization) on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Remove Samsung account Remove Samsung account on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Enable Toggle mobile data On some AT&T smartphones, enable Toggle mobile data.
  • Samsung Change CSC root mode Change CSC root mode on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Download mode Enter download mode on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Exit download mode Exit download mode on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Soft brick fix Fix soft brick issues on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung FRP Android 5/6 Remove FRP on Samsung devices running Android 5/6.
  • Samsung Odin flash Flash firmware using Odin on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Save flash files from the past Keep recent flash files saved to Samsung devices.
  • Samsung File auto-detect and slot selection Samsung devices automatically detect files and choose slots.
  • Samsung Auto-extract for ZIP files Auto-extract ZIP files on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Ignore MD5 checksum Ignore MD5 checksum on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Check Driver signature enforcement status Samsung devices are now available for Driver signature enforcement.
  • Samsung Disable/Enable Driver signature enforcement Disable/Enable Driver signature enforcement on Samsung devices.
  • Samsung Install Samsung USB driver Install Samsung USB driver for a computer.
  • Samsung Install VC++ 2015. To allow ADB to function on a Windows PC, you must install VC++ 2015.
  • Xiaomi Bypass Micloud Android 8.1 Bypass Micloud for Xiaomi devices running Android 8.
  • Xiaomi Enable Diag [ROOT] With root access, enable dialling on Xiaomi devices.
  • Xiaomi Fastboot [UNLOCKED] FRP is removed on Xiaomi devices using an unlocked bootloader in Fastboot mode.
  • Xiaomi Sideload Sideload APKs to Xiaomi devices
  • Xiaomi Factory reset Perform a factory reset on Xiaomi devices.
  • Xiaomi Reset the Micloud Reset Xiaomi Micloud devices
  • Xiaomi [QUALCOMM] Bypass Micloud Clock (Anti relock). Bypass Micloud clocks on Qualcomm Xiaomi devices
  • Xiaomi [QUALCOMM] Remove bypass to Micloud clock. (Anti relock). Mixcloud clock removed from Qualcomm Xiaomi devices
  • Xiaomi Information about Micloud offline Gets offline Micloud information for Xiaomi devices.
  • LG Factory reset Perform a factory reset on LG devices.
  • LG EDL Turn on EDL (Emergency downloading) mode for LG devices
  • LG FRP should be removed LG devices no longer support FRP
  • LG LG UP Flash KDZ files for LG devices using LG UP.
  • ANDROID Features
  • FunctionDescription
  • Information on batteries Displays battery level and usage statistics. It also shows health status.
  • OTA Update OTA (over-the-air) updates enabled/disabled
  • Set language Modifies the language used by the device interface
  • Factory reset You can restore the factory settings to your device
  • Hide developer options Hides developer options in the device settings menu
  • Open Browser (FRP). This opens a browser that bypasses the Factory Reset Protection lock (FRP).
  • FRP should be removed Reset Factory Protection (FRP), lock
  • APP Manager Manages installed programs, including uninstalling or disabling, enabling, clearing, and clearing data
  • Install APK/xAPK Install APK or xAPK files onto the device
  • Dual Messenger Allows for installation of any app via Samsung dual messenger
  • Eliminate bloatware Remove pre-installed programs that are not needed or unwanted
  • Root To enable system-level tweaks or customizations, root access is granted to the device
  • Remove screen lock (Root) Use root access to remove the device lock screen
  • Install XAPK Direct Install XAPK files directly to the device
  • Change SN (Root). Root access is used to modify the device’s serial numbers
  • Change battery cycle (Root). Root access is used to reset the battery counter
  • Check your saved passwords Displays Wi-Fi network passwords that have been saved on the device by root access
SamFw Tool

SamFw Tool

Version précédente:

Update v2.0 25/05/2022

  • Remove the open website step after removing FRP
  • Fix check ADB connection after enabling ADB
  • Add Read Information MTP
  • Knox, Add Disable
  • Add Factory Reset (2 methods).
  • Add MTP to Open Browser
  • Add ADB to Remove FRP (2 methods).
  • Reboot MTP
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Update v2.1 27/05/2022

  • When you remove FRP & disable Knox, fix the wrong text
  • Add Open Device Manager
  • Fix UI bug

Update v2.2 27/05/2022

  • Optimize HTMLRP/Factory Set/Disable Knox (Fix success removed, but notice that it is failed)

Update v2.3 28/05/2022

  • – Connect AT USB Connection
  • Important Update: Fix FRP Removal/Factory Setup/Disable Knox to support new models and older PCs. Please make sure to update immediately!
  • – Factory Update Reset fully automate

Update v2.4 6/6/2022

  • – Add disable drive signature
  • – Add ADB to Disable OTA Updating
  • – Add Open Browser multi options (Youtube/Google Maps/Samsung Browser
  • Optimize UI
samfw tool download

samfw tool download

Update v2.5 5/6/2022

  • – Optimize Enable ADB functionality
  • – OptimizeReboot function
  • – Optimize read info function
  • – Add Stop
  • – Add Exit Download mode/Add Fix soft brick download mode
  • – Add ADB Set language
  • – Fix Disable Drive signature enforcement

Update v2.6 7/6/2022

  • – Add Binary reboot mode to your computer (Download mode 0.)
  • – Add read information to the Download mode
  • – Remove Android 5/6 old apps with FRP
  • Add Remove Bloatware Samsung
  • – Optimize Reset Download mode
  • – Optimize Factory Recovery
  • – Fix load libraries problem

Update v2.7, 14/6/2022

  • Add ADB Battery Information
  • – Add Odin Flash
  • – Add ADB reboot/reboot download mode/reboot recovery mode
  • – Add show COM # to the device list
  • – Add Farsi language code to faIR (Iran).
  • – Add disable driver signature status check
  • – Add List supported CSC check
  • – Continue loading
  • – Fix Read info and Download mode
  • – Optimize, Auto detect MTP/Download mode during Read info/Reboot
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Update v2.7.1 on 14/6/2022

  • Fix small bug

Update v2.8 20/6/2022

  • – Add [ADB] Get full information
  • – Add [ODIN] Automated extract firmware
  • – Add [SU] Remove screen lock
  • – Add [MISC] Install Samsung USB driver auto detect driver installed
  • – Add [MISC] Auto-detect Samsung driver, and Visual C++ 2015
  • – Fix [ADB] CSC list for old phones
  • : Fix [COM] Device that did not clean up the old Windows
  • : Improve [TESTMODE] Disable Knox
  • : Improve [ODIN] Auto-detect MTP and restart Download mode
  • – Fix bugs
  • : Security update

samfw tool 4.0 download

Big Update v.3.0 12/7/2022

  • – Add [MTP] to enable secret code (*#06# or *#0 *#,…) Verizon phones
  • – Add TestMode to Disable Factory mode
  • – Fix [MTP] See information: Show FAIL on a device
  • – Repair [DLM] Read information: A small error
  • – Improve [TestMode] CSC
  • – Improve [ADB] Get List supported CSC: Support S22 series
  • – Improve [ADB] Look SU
  • – Improve [ADB] Disable/Enable the OTA: Updating for more variants
  • – Improve [ADB] Delete Bloatware: Add some Verizon Bloatware
  • – Fix bugs
  • : Security update

Update v.3.1 16/08/2022

  • – Add [ADB] Add mobile data toggle
  • – Add [ADB] Install APK/xAPK
  • – Add [ADB] to any app as Dual Messenger

SamFw FRP Tool 3.0

  • FRP Removal for a new security patch (HOT).
  • – Add Function description when hovering over the button
  • – Optimized [ADB] No required Samsung device connects for ADB function
  • – Optimized only, first-time Samsung USB Driver
  • – Fix [Testmode] Cannot Read Info After Removing FRP FAIL

SamFw Tool, v3.3

  • SamFw Tool can be renamed to SamFw Tool to add another brand to the next version
  • [ADB] Fix command for Windows 7
  • [TESTMODE]- Fix CSC bug on 3.2.2
  • [TESTMODE] – Optimize Remove FRP – New method
  • [ADB] – Optimize Read list supported CSC
  • [ADB] Optimize Change CSC
  • Repair a bug
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SamFw Tool 4.1


  • [ROOT] – Add Change CSC root mode: automatic/manual mode
  • [Test Mode] – Improve Remove FRP (new security)


  • [EDL9008] – LG Q6, G5, V20, G35, V60


  • – Optimize. Read offline micloud information
  • – Check your device before you do the job


  • – Add Hide developer options (Thanks to Mohamed Janati)
  • Fix the update server for some computer
  • Fix a few problems
Download SamFw Tool

Download SamFw Tool


SamFw Tool 4.2


  • [MTP] Information Samsung MTP: Read Android Version and FRP Status
  • [MTP]- Fix stuck Waiting For DIAG port (Enable Secret Code Verizon
  • [MTP] – Fix detect Testmode for change CSC


  • [LG UUP] – Add LG UUP (Flash KDZ LG).


  • [ADB] Add Applications manager
  • – Fix app running problem
  • – Optimize app performance (reduce CPU use)
  • Fixing bugs

How to Use?

  1. First, download the zip file by following the link
  2. Next, you can extract all files from the drive (crucial)
  3. Make sure you disable the antivirus before starting the installation
  4. Next, open the folder to install the setup file.
  5. Run “SamFwFRPTool .exe.” 
  6. If all drivers have been installed, you can skip this step.
  7. Try to connect the phone and use it for any function
  8. Enjoy !!!
Download SamFw Tool v4.2

Download SamFw Tool v4.2

How To Download SamFw Tool v4.2

If you are looking for a way to download and install the SamFw Tool: 4.2 easily, this guide is for you. This tool is a great solution for Samsung and LG users who want to manage their devices easily. This tool lets you easily download and install the firmware, flash your device, and much more.

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Google Drive – 4shared – Racaty – Drive.Filen – Up4EVER – UserUpLoad – FastuUpLoad

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