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MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool v1.3 FREE Tool Free Dwonload

Download MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool v1.3 – FREE.

The MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool v1.3 can be described as a potent tool that can unlock mobile phones from various brands. It offers many features, including reset passcode factory reset, unlocking the bootloader, removing FRP backup, restoring IMEI and reading boot/VBmeta, and much more. It also offers the option of combining methods like ADB, Fastboot, Sideload, and EDL for various brands, including Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, and Huawei. Let’s take review the capabilities and advantages of this tool.

MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool v1.3 FREE Tool Free Dwonload

MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool v1.3 FREE Tool Free Dwonload

MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool v1.3 FREE Tool Free Dwonload







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MTK Support Method:

MTK Support Method MTK Support Method offers users a variety of choices to unlock their phones which include Resetpasscode KeepData1 Resetpasscode KeepData2 Factory Reset, Unlock Bootloader, Remove FRP, Samsung Remove FRP, VivoRemoveDEMO, OppoRemoveDEMO, Backup IMEI (NV) Restore IMI (NV), BypassAuth, Read Boot/VBmeta and Restore it, and fix unknown baseband. These options can assist users in removing any restrictions or locks on their devices.

Combined Method:

Combined Method Combond Method is a combination of methods that allows people to unblock Xiaomi devices by using ADB, Fastboot, and Sideload modes. It provides a list of available models to use in every way, and users can select the option they require, like removing Mi Account Lock and Remove FRP Lock Trstpoint (Need Internet Connection) and Remove User Lock. Remove FRP Simple Method, and much more.


The Oppo function allows users to take off the user’s lock, remove the FRP lock, and remove FRP for various Oppo models, including A31 and A33W. The A37, A37f and A37FW and A51. The A53, A53T and A57. (CPH1801) A77-A77T F1 and F1F. F3Plus is R7, R9s Plus R9st, X9006, A71K, R7s Plus and X9079.


The Vivo function lets users take off the user’s locks, take them out from the FRP locking, review the information, then reboot their devices.


The Huawei function gives users different options to unlock their Huawei models, which include Honor 7A (AUM-AIOO), Honor 7A (AUM-AI20), Huawei Y6 Prime (ATU-L42), Huawei Y7 Prime, Huawei Y7 Pro (DBU-LX2 and DBU-L22) and Honor 8c (BKK-Lx2). Users can select the required feature, like Speedboot Mode, Reading Info EDL, or Unlock FRP.


The Samsung function allows users to read information to enable ADB to enable FRP (#0#) and perform an FRP factory reset while in Fastboot Mode. This feature is compatible with a broad variety of Samsung models.

MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool v1.3

MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool v1.3


MTK Support Function

  • ResetPassCode KeepData1
  • ResetPassCode KeepData2
  • Factory Reset
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Relock Bootloader
  • Remove FRP
  • SAMSUNG Remove FRP
  • VIVO Remove DEMO
  • OPPO Remove DEMO
  • Backup IMEI
  • Restore IMEI
  • Bypass Auth
  • Read Boot / Vbmeta
  • Restore Boot / Vbmeta
  • Fix Unknow Baseband (Need BackupIMEI)

Combined Method >>>>

  • ADB/Fastboot/Sideload Mode > Device info
  • Sideload > Factory Reset
  • ADB Mode > Mi Account Relock Fix

Xiaomi Support Function

  • Mi 4s(aqua)
  • Mi 3/4 LTE/W(cancro)
  • Mi 5s(Capricorn)
  • Mi 4i(Ferrari)
  • Mi 5(Gemini)
  • Redmi Note 1S/4G(Gucci)
  • Mi MAX Pro(helium)
  • Mi MAX(hydrogen)
  • Redmi 3/Pro(ido)
  • Mi Note 3(jason)
  • Redmi Note 3(kate)
  • Redmi Note 3 Pro(Kenzo)
  • Redmi 3S/X(land)
  • Mi Note Pro(leo)
  • Mi 4c(libra)
  • Mi MIX(lithium)
  • Redmi 4 Prime/Pro(markw)
  • Redmi Note 4X(mido)
  • Mi 5s Plus(natrium)
  • Mi MAX 3(nitrogen)
  • Mi MAX 2(oxygen)
  • Redmi 4(Prada)
  • Redmi 5A(Riva)
  • Redmi 4A(rolex)
  • Redmi 5(rosy)
  • Mi 6(sagit)
  • Redmi 4X(Santoni)
  • Mi Note 2(Scorpio)
  • Mi 5X(tiffany)
  • Mi A1(tissot)
  • Redmi Note 5A//Prime(ugg)
  • Redmi Note 5A//Lite(ugglite)
  • Redmi 5 Plus(Vince)
  • Mi Note(virgo)
  • Mi 6X(Wayne)
  • Redmi Note 5//Pro(whyred)
  • Redmi S2(ysl)
  • Redmi 6Pro(sakura)
  • Mi MIX 2(Chiron)
  • Mi 8(dipper)
  • Mi 8 EE(ursa)
  • Mi 8 SE(Sirius)
  • Mi MIX 2S(Polaris)
  • Mi MIX 3(Perseus)
  • Mi Pad 4(clover)
  • Mi 8 Lite/Youth(Platina)
  • Pocophone F1(beryllium)
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro(tulip)
  • Mi Note(virgo)
MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool

MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool

the Sideload Mode option > device information

  • Sideload Mode> Factory Reset
  • ADB Mode > Mi Account Relock Fix
  • Fastboot Mode> Device Info
  • Check Bootloader

Oppo Support Function

  • Oppo A31
  • Oppo A33
  • Oppo A33M
  • Oppo A33W
  • Oppo A37
  • Oppo A37f
  • Oppo A37fw
  • Oppo A51
  • Oppo A53
  • Oppo A53T
  • Oppo A52M
  • Oppo A57
  • Oppo A71(CPH1801)
  • Oppo A77-A77T
  • Oppo F1
  • Oppo F1F
  • Oppo F3Plus
  • Oppo R7
  • Oppo R9S
  • Oppo R9 Plus
  • Oppo R9S Plus
  • Oppo X9006
  • Oppo R9st
  • Oppo A71k
  • Oppo R7S Plus
  • Oppo X9079
  • Oppo A71
  • Oppo R7 Plus

EDL Job Click

  • Remove the User Lock
  • Remove FRP Lock
  • Oppo FRP EasyMethod

Huawei Functions

Fastbooot Mode

  • Information to read

EDL QDloader 9008 Mode

  • Honor 7A(AUM-Al00)
  • Honor 7A(AUM-Al20)
  • Huawei Y6 Prime(ATU-L42)
  • Huawei Y7 Prime
  • Huawei Y7 Pro(DBU-LX2 & DBU-L22)
  • Honor 8c(BKK-LX2)


  • Remove FRP Lock

ADB Mode Function

  • Check Device
  • Read information
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Reboot to Fastboot
  • Reboot to EDL
  • Reboot Device
  • Factory Reset
  • FRP Remove
Download Unlock Tool MTK Qualcomm

Download Unlock Tool MTK Qualcomm

Fastboot Mode Function

  • Check Device
  • Vivo Read info
  • Xiaomi, Get the details
  • Reboot to Normal
  • Reboot to EDL
  • Factory Reset ( Bootloader Unlock )
  • FRP Remove
  • Remove Mi Cloud
  • Huawei Find out more information

How To Use?

  1. In the beginning, you must get the ZIP file using the following link
  2. Then, you should remove all files from C: drive ( important)
  3. Verify that you have removed the antivirus before you start this installation
  4. Then you should open the folder and set up the setup file using some basic instructions
  5. Run the ” MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool.exe” 
  6. Then, you can install all drivers if you have already installed them. You can skip this step
  7. Connect the phone and attempt to accomplish any task
  8. Enjoy !!!
Download MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool

Download MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool

How To Download MTK Qualcomm Unlock Tool

If you’re looking for a free MTK Qualcomm unlock tool, download the v1.3 tool from the link below. This tool is designed to unlock MTK Qualcomm devices and is easy to use. Just follow the instructions on the website, and you should be able to unlock your device quickly.

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Google Drive – 4shared – Racaty – Drive.Filen – Up4EVER – UserUpLoad – FastuUpLoad

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