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Miko Service Tool V5.3 Latest Version Free Download

Do you need a comprehensive support tool to service your smartphone? Take a look at the Miko Service Tool 5.3. This potent tool includes a keygen that can be downloaded for free. It provides various tools to help you control the device and resolve issues. From factory data resets and FRP resets to account bypass and ADB/ Sideload/Fastboot functions, The Miko Service Tool has everything you require to keep your device operating smoothly. If you want to remove accounts, repair network issues, or even remove FRP, the tool has everything covered. Learn more about Miko’s vast array of capabilities.

Miko Service Tool V5.3 Latest Version Free Download

Miko Service Tool V5.3 Latest Version Free Download

Miko Service Tool 5.3 Latest Version Download

Miko Service Tool 5.3 Miko Service Tool 5.3 is the most current version that can be downloaded and provides many tools to aid in managing and troubleshooting your device. With options for the main functions like Factory data reset, FRP Reset, Account Bypass ADB/Sideload Fastboot, and Information about devices, it includes specific parts specific to Xiaomi devices, like Factory Reset, Sideload, as well as Factory Reset and Fastboot.

It also provides solutions to Bypass accounts, the Fix for Account Lock, and the method to remove accounts (need root) Beta, in addition to 9008 EDL Bypass account bootloader unlock, TWRP Flash along with Factory Data Reset when in Fastboot mode or sideload mode. In addition, it comes with Extra functions like QCN backup and restore as well as Network Fix and VIVO (Remove User lock, but without losing data) and removing FRP.

What is the Miko Service Tool

Miko Service Tool Miko Service Tool is a full-featured software application with many features to help manage and troubleshoot Android devices. It offers options to perform Factory Data Resets, FRP Resets, and accounts Bypass procedures. It also allows for ADB, Sideload, and Fastboot functions. It also provides complete Information about the device. Mainly made specifically for Xiaomi devices, the Miko Service Tool can perform Factory reset and Account Bypass procedures specific to this model. It also provides options to manage account locks, unlock bootloaders, flash TWRP, and network fixes. In addition, it works with VIVO devices to eliminate FRP and user locks.

Features Miko Service Tool:


  • Factory Data Reset
  • FRP Reset
  • Account Bypass

ADB / Sideload / Fastboot

  • Device information
  • Xiaomi Factory Reset > Sideload
  • Factory Reset > Fastboot


  • Bypassing account
  • Account Lock Relock Fix
  • Method for removing accounts (need to have root) Beta
  • 9008 EDL Bypass account
  • Bootloader unlock
  • Flash TWRP
  • Factory Data Reset (sideload mode/fastboot mode)
  • Sideload flash supersu zip
  • Install the theme font
  • Special Setting theme font
Miko Service Tool Download

Miko Service Tool Download

Huawei Functions

  • ADB Enable
  • Huawei ID and FRP Bypass
  • Update.APP Flashing
  • Change to mode 9006
  • 9006 Flasher (Auto Detect)
  • EDL Mode Network Fix
  • Image of the Flash partition
  • Theme notification solution

Samsung Functions

  • Softbrickfix Download mode
  • Baseband Unkwon fix (any model in download mode or ADB mode)
  • FRP Removing ADB mode
  • Download mode FRP removed
  • ADB Mode Fonts displayed, Local font B-Keyboard, F Keyboard
  • AT Command AT Command FRP Helper contact
  • Factory reset of data
  • Goto download mode
  • Device information


  • Flasher XML
  • Without XML-Flasher
  • Flash 1
  • Memory for writing
  • EMMC block0 flasher
  • Mediatek flasher

Read Functions

  • Backup XML Firmware
  • Structure of partitioning load
  • Select the Partition
  • Read the entire firmware
  • Check out the complete image
  • Eliminate the specified partition
  • Partition backup / Erase

Font Functions

  • Install myanmar font – requires root access to your device
  • Install myanmar font 9008/EDL mode (Beta)

EMMC Functions

  • EMMC Read / Write Test
  • Full Erase EMMC – 9008 EDL


  • QCN backup and Restore
  • – Read QCN
  • – Write QCN
  • Network Fix
  • – Open Secrecy Unlocker
  • – Open Diag (ADB Mode)
  • – Switch Carrier (ADB Mode)
  • Fix Network Unlock
  • VIVO (Remove the user lock and without losing data)
  • Remove FRP
Miko Service Tool

Miko Service Tool

How To Use?

  • The first step is to first download the file by clicking the link below.
  • After that, you need to remove all files from the drive c: ( important)
  • Verify that you have turned off your antivirus prior to installing the application
  • After that, you should open the folder and download the installation file following some basic instructions
  • Run the “Miko Service Tool .exe


  • To activate the tool, open the keygen and then follow the image below.
  • After that, you’ll need to install all drivers if you already installed them. You can skip this step
  • Connect the phone to your computer and try to accomplish any function
  • Enjoy ! !!

How To Download

To download Miko Service Tool V5.3 take these steps:

  • Go to the website
  • Check out the downloads section on the website.
  • Find the Miko Service Tool V5.3 and then click the (Download Link).


  • The download will take a while to be completed.
  • After completing the download, download the document and follow the installation steps to install the program on your device.

Miko Service Tool V00005

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad –  Workupload – Sendcm – TeraBox – 4share

Miko Service Tool Pro V5.3

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad –  Workupload – Sendcm – TeraBox – 4share

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