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BTM Flasher Tool v1.0 Qualcomm Format/Frp Bypass Tool Free Download

BTM Flasher Tool V1.0 is a tool specifically designed intended for Windows PC owners. Thanks to its easy-to-use design and robust features, the tool lets users accomplish various functions with Qualcomm or MediaTek devices with one click. In this article, we’ll review BTM Flasher Tool V1.0’s capabilities and features and how it can help fix devices more simply for users.

BTM Flasher Tool v1.0 Qualcomm Format/Frp Bypass Tool Free Download

BTM Flasher Tool v1.0 Qualcomm Format/Frp Bypass Tool Free Download

BTM Flasher Tool v1.0 Qualcomm Format/Frp Bypass Tool Free Download


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What exactly is the BTM Flasher Tool V1.0?

BTM Flasher Tool V1.0 is a small and powerful software tool specifically created for Windows computers. It is a complete solution to manage Qualcomm and MediaTek devices, supplying users with various options to improve device functionality and performance. If you want to unlock your smartphone, get around the FRP (Factory Reset Protection), or even format your data, the BTM Flasher Tool V1.0 is the tool for you.

The Features in BTM Flasher Tool V1.0

The BTM Flasher Tool V1.0 has a broad range of functions for each Qualcomm and MediaTek device. Let’s look at the most critical attributes of each chip.

Qualcomm & MediaTek (OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi)

  • Format (Unlock): Easily unlock your Qualcomm device using a straightforward format operation.
  • Clean DataClear every data file on the device to ensure that you have a clean slate.
  • FRP Removal: Bypass Factory Reset Protection for access to the Qualcomm device.
  • Mi account bypassRemove Mi account verification on Xiaomi devices. Mi account verification from Xiaomi devices.
  • WiFi Fix (3 methods are available): Resolve WiFi connectivity issues using several ways.
  • Account Removal (No need to use VPN): Remove unwanted accounts without VPN service.
  • You are writing FlashFlash firmware or customizing custom ROMs for your Qualcomm device.
BTM Flasher Tool

BTM Flasher Tool

MediaTek (ASUS, Huawei, Meizu, Motorola, Nokia, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, VIVO, Wiko, Xiaomi)

  • Repair tab: Repair and restore functionality to your MediaTek device.
  • Format DataFormat Data partitions in your devices to give you a fresh beginning.
  • Unlock reset: Reset device locks and gain access to the MediaTek device.
  • FRP Removal: Bypass Factory Reset Protection on MediaTek devices.
  • Eliminate NVM: Clear NVRAM data to fix connectivity and network issues.
  • WiFi FixFix WiFi issues on the MediaTek device with ease.
  • Mi Account BypassRemove this verification for Mi accounts on devices that support it.
  • FlashingFlash Custom ROMs and stock firmware onto your device.
  • Partition Wise FormatFormat-specific partitions in your device to allow for more enhanced customization.

Auth Bypass CPUs

BTM Flasher Tool V1.0 BTM Flasher Tool V1.0 allows authentication bypass on different MediaTek model CPUs, such as

  • MT6261
  • MT6572
  • MT6580
  • MT6582
  • MT6595
  • MT6735
  • MT6737
  • MT6739
  • MT6753
  • MT6755
  • MT6757
  • MT6761
  • MT6763
  • MT6765
  • MT6768
  • MT6771
  • MT6779
  • MT6785
  • MT6795
  • MT6797
  • MT6799
  • MT6873
  • MT6885
  • MT8127
  • MT8163
  • MT8167
  • MT8173
  • MT8675
  • MT8695
Download BTM Flasher Tool

Download BTM Flasher Tool


BTM Flasher Tool V1.0 BTM Flasher Tool V1.0 is a valuable software tool that eases managing devices for Qualcomm and MediaTek devices. With its wide range of functions, users can perform various tasks like unlocking formatting, format, bypassing FRP, and many more with one click. Whether you’re an avid smartphone user or a skilled technician, this app offers a simple solution to optimizing the performance of your device’s performance and resolving frequently encountered problems.

How to Download MTK GSM SULTENG

Downloading is easy. Visit the and follow the instructions to download the tool onto your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, you can begin unlocking your device. is a powerful tool designed to unlock your Android device . To Only ( Download Link)  simply follow the steps below:

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