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Click Tool PRO Samsung / Motorola And Lg Unlocking Tool Free Download

Click Tool PRO 2.1.8 Release – Free Samsung MTP (Limited time) FRP – 2023 Do you want to know which tool is the best for your Samsung? There’s no need to look elsewhere! Click-Tool PRO Version Release has fantastic new features to improve your Samsung experience. This article will cover the most recent changes, improvements to this version, and how to use it correctly. Now let’s explore Click-Tool Pro’s features.

Click Tool PRO Samsung / Motorola And Lg Unlocking Tool Free Download

Click Tool PRO Samsung / Motorola And Lg Unlocking Tool Free Download

Click Tool PRO Samsung / Motorola And Lg Unlocking Tool Free Download


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What’s New

Click-Tool includes several noteworthy additions to the Qualcomm Module.


You can now perform different partition operations with the latest update on Qualcomm-based products. Click-Tool Pro can do everything, whether you want to read, delete, or reset partitions.

Flash Samsung full firmware via EDL

Click-Tool Pro offers a simple solution if your Samsung device has software-related problems or is bricked. The new update adds the capability to flash full Samsung Firmware via EDL, also known as easy debrick. This feature will allow you to restore your device’s functionality by reinstalling it with the original firmware.

Em token auth removal for Samsung tab.

Click-Tool Pro now offers an effective way to remove EM authentication from Samsung Tablets. Using this feature, you can restore the Samsung tab to its original condition, removing any restrictions EM authentication imposes. This feature allows for more customization and optimization. You can personalize your Samsung tab according to your preferences.

Click Tool PRO

Click Tool PRO

BETA IMEI repair via Dialog for all devices

Click-Tool Pro introduces BETA IMEI repair for all devices via Dialog. This feature is in addition to the Qualcomm modules enhancements. This new addition increases the tool’s functionality, allowing you to repair IMEI errors on various devices. Click-Tool Pro ensures you have all the tools to fix IMEI issues on any device.

What is Fixed

The latest release addresses bugs and other issues. It also ensures a better user experience. Click-Tool PRO contains fixes for known bugs, improving stability and reliability. With these fixes, you can rely on Click-Tool Pro to perform consistently and minimize unexpected disruptions.

Servers Online

Click-Tool PRO offers free access to Samsung FRP Server without any credits needed. This limited-time offer lets you take advantage of FRP’s (Factory Reset Protection) powerful functionality without paying any extra costs. Click-Tool’s PRO servers are online and available to you. This will ensure that your Samsung device is secure.

Click-Tool Pro: Use it to Make Your Work Easier

To get the best out of Click Tool PRO, follow these easy steps depending on your device’s brand.

Steps to FRP for Samsung:

  • Connect your Samsung device in normal mode.
  • Launch Click-Tool Pro and select FRP.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to begin the FRP.
  • Click-Tool Pro will walk you through the necessary steps for bypassing FRP on Samsung devices.

FRP Steps For LG:

  • Connect your LG device either in download or normal mode.
  • Choose the FRP button in Click-Tool Pro.
  • Follow the prompts for starting the FRP procedure on your LG device.
  • Click-Tool Pro will help you bypass the FRP on an LG device without hassle.

FRP for Motorola:

  • Connect your Motorola in factory mode or fast boot.
  • Launch Click-Tool Pro and select FRP.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to start the FRP process.
  • Click-Tool Pro will simplify your Motorola device’s FRP bypass, making it a simple and hassle-free process.

Click-Tool Pro’s FRP feature can unlock your Samsung, LG, Motorola, or another device.

Download Click Tool PRO

Download Click Tool PRO


The Version Release includes several new features and bug fixes to enhance your Samsung experience. Click-Tool Pro allows you to control your device’s functionality by performing partition operations, flashing Samsung firmware, removing EM token verification, and repairing IMEI.

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