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VIVO Fastboot Bootloader Unlock/ Reboot FB to Edl

Factory Reset/ FB to EDL/ BL Unlock – Relock

VIVO Fastboot Bootloader Unlock/ Reboot FB to Edl. is an easy-to-use tool for Windows computers. Kumar developed it, and it is accessible to all users without activation or purchasing a license. It is compatible with the Vivo Qualcomm smartphone model number. The tool supports Bootloader unlock-relock, Fastbootto EDL boot (Without opening its back cover), Factory reset, and Demo unlocks. The device is compatible with Windows 10 or a newer Windows operating system.

VIVO Fastboot Bootloader Unlock/ Reboot FB to Edl

VIVO Fastboot Bootloader Unlock/ Reboot FB to Edl

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VIVO Fastboot Bootloader Unlock/ Reboot FB to Edl

Features VIVO Fastboot tool

  • Bootloader unlock
  • Bootloader Relock
  • Fastboot mode: Reboot to EDL
  • Factory Reset
  • Demo Unlock

VIVO Fastboot

Supported Models:

  1. VIVO V20
  2. VIVO V20e
  3. VIVO V21e
  4. VIVO Y50
  5. VIVO y51
  6. iQOO9 Pro
  7. iQOO9
  8. iQOO8 Pro
  9. iQOO8
  10. iQOO7
  11. iQOO Z1
  12. iQOO5 Neo
  13. VIVO X70 Pro+
  14. VIVO Y31
  15. VIVO Y12a
  16. VIVO T1
  17. VIVOX Fold
  18. VIVO Y21T
  19. VIVO Y21e
  20. VIVO V19
  21. VIVO V19 Neo
  22. VIVO Z1
  23. VIVO Z1 Pro
  24. VIVO S1 Pro
VIVO Fastboot Bootloader Unlock/ Reboot FB to Edl

Fastboot To EDL Just One Click

Bootloader Unlock/ Reboot to Edl

How to Use It?

  1. You first need to download the zip file at the link below.
  2. Next, unzip all files on the drive. It’s imperative.
  3. Next, extract all files from the folder you just opened.
  4. Run ” VivoFastboot.exe
  5. If you have already installed drivers, skip this step.
  6. You can connect the phone to a Fastboot mode, and then if you require a boot the device into EDL mode, first unlock the bootloader.
  7. If you have succeeded in opening the bootloader, click on the Reboot button to EDL the device and enter EDL mode.
  8. Enjoy !!!

VIVO Fastboot


Compatibility:: The tool works perfectly with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Make a Backup: Before you try the above tool, please make a backup from your Android Smartphone/Tablet. Flashing any Firmware, recovery, or firmware could cause the device to be bricked.

Credits Vivo Fastboot Tool was created and distributed by the developer. The developer is fully credited for the free distribution of the tool.

Download Link:: MediafireUsersdriveMegaGoogle Drive4sharedOneDriveTerabox

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