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FRT Tool v1.0.5 Qualcomm / MediaTek /  Fastboot

Frt Tool V1.0.5 Is Now Available As A Free Download, Offering Comprehensive Support For Qualcomm, Mediatek, And Fastboot Devices. It Includes Features Like Factory Reset/frp Reset/flashing Capabilities, Making This An Invaluable Asset In Device Maintenance!

FRT Tool v1.0.5 Qualcomm MediaTek  Fastboot

FRT Tool v1.0.5 Qualcomm MediaTek  Fastboot

Download FRT Tool Latest Version Free

Frt Tool V1.0.5 Is An Impressive Device That Supports Qualcomm, Mediatek, And Fastboot Technologies. Users Of This Powerful Tool Can Perform Functions Such As Reading Information, Factory Resetting Hard And Soft Resetting Hard Reset Frp Reset Qualcomm Ofp Firmware Mediatek Ofp Firmware Pack Super Img Flasher.

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Read Info Backup Flash Erase Reset Factory Hard Soft Reset Hard And Soft Reset Factory Reset Hard Soft Reset Rpmb Rrp Reset Frp Reset Persist Modem Backup Flash Erase Reset Reset Reset Modem, Backup Flasher Read Info Backup Write (flash), Write (flash), And Erase.

What Is The FRT Tool

The Frt Tool V1.0.5 Is A Versatile Device That Supports Qualcomm And Mediatek, Offering Features Like Erecovery And Fastboot. Users Of This Tool Can Easily Read Information, Perform Factory Resets, Hard Resets, Frp Resets, And Even Extract Ofp Firmware From Both Qualcomm And Mediatek Devices.

The Tool Also Enables Users To Pack Super Img Files, Flash Firmware, Backup Data, Erase Data, Backup Restore, Erase Data, Erase Backup, Restore Rpmb Persist Modem, Etc. It Is Everything A User Would Ever Need! Regardless Of Its Functionality, It Covers Everything They May Need!

Features of FRT Tool

Qualcomm / MediaTek / eRecovery / Fastboot

  • Read Information
  • Factory Reset
  • Hard Reset
  • FRP Reset
  • Qualcomm Extract OFP Firmware
  • MediaTek Extract OFP Firmware
  • Pack Super IMG


  • Read Info
  • Backup
  • Flash
  • Erase


  • Factory Reset
  • Hard Reset
  • Soft Reset
  • RPMB Reset
  • FRP Reset
  • Reset Persist
  • Reset Modem

RPMB Option

  • Backup
  • Write (Flash)
  • Erase
FRT Tool Latest Version Free Download

FRT Tool Latest Version Free Download

How to Use FRT Tool

Step-by-Step Guide

Download the FRT  Tool Package

  • Find And Download The Most Current Frt  Tool Package Version Using The Link Below.

Extract Files

  • Download All The Files In The Downloaded File To The C Drive.
  • Note: Extracting The C Drive Is Essential For The Tool To Work Effectively.

Run the Tool

  • Navigate To The Extracted Folder And Start The File Named ” Flasher.

Change Language to English

  • When The Interface Is Open, Switching The Language To English Is Necessary For The Tool To Function Effectively.


  • Navigate To Settings. Settings Menu.
  • Select The Second Dropdown Menu.
  • Choose ” English” From The Menu.

Login to the  Tool

  • Enter The Email Address And Username Required To Sign In.
  • Name of the user: admin
  • Password: 123456
  • Click to log in.

Using the  Tool

  • After You Log In, You Can Access All Functions Available In The Frt Tool. Frt Tool Without Needing Any License Or Activation.


  • Once The Tool’s Interface Is Up, You Can Begin Using The Tool To Perform Different Tasks.

How To Download

To Download FRT Tool Follow These Steps:

  • Go To The Website Of FRT Tool.
  • Find The Download Page And Click On The (Download Link).

How To Download

  • Wait For The Download To Complete.
  • Locate The Downloaded File On Your Device Once The Download Is Finished.
  • Double-click On The File To Start The Installation Process.
  • Follow The On-screen Instructions To Complete The Installation.

FRT Tool v1.0.5

Download Link:: Usersdrive – Mediafire – 4shared – Drive.Filen – FastuUpLoad  – Workupload – Sendcm – TeraBox

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