Magisk App 26.1 (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android Download

Magisk App 26.1 (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android Download

Magisk is a robust and flexible software that permits the users to install root on their Android devices easily. Magisk is an open-source program Magisk developed by John Wu, is compatible with Android devices running version 6.0 and up. With its sophisticated capabilities and compatibility with a variety of module, Magisk has become a well-known choice among Android users looking to modify their Android devices.

Magisk App 25.2 (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android Download

Magisk App 25.2 (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android Download

Magisk App 26.1 (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android Download







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Magisk’s latest update, version 26.0 includes a number of new functions and improvements. This includes a brand Magic Mount Backend, which supports adding modules to the system using overlay files with a new API and a completely rewritten code for zygote injection, using a different loader library method. In addition, MagiskBoot now supports amonet microloader devices and MagiskInit has been upgraded with new features.

Magisk’s extensive range of modules, that users can install to customize the devices they use, are among of its greatest attributes. Some of the most popular Magisk modules include the Magisk Manager Recovery Tool, Magisk Bootloop Saver, App Systemizer, HideNavBar, Viper4Android FX, Open Fonts, iOS13.2 Emoji, CloudflareDNS4Magisk, Lawnchair, and microG-GApps. Your device’s performance and value is enhanced in many ways using these modules.

Installation of Magisk modules is a simple procedure. Users can download desired modules from Magisk Modules Repo or and the Magisk Modules Alternative Repository, or from the XDA forums. Just download the module to your phone’s storage, then launch Magisk Manager, then select Install from the Storage. Rebooting your device once the download is completed will allow you to use the module.

Download Magisk Manager

Download Magisk Manager

While Magisk is a great tool to customize Android devices however, it is also worth installing custom ROMs in order to introduce a fresh version of Android to their smartphones. Customized ROMs provide your phone with greater features, faster speed, and more secure. However, installing custom ROMs is a complex procedure that requires a high degree of technical expertise.


With a variety of features which make it a great worth in the eyes of Android user, Magisk is a known tool to root Android devices. Some of the most significant characteristics that Magisk offers Magisk include:

  • Systemless Rooting Magisk lets users root their Android device without changing the partition of your system. This means you can get OTA updates and run apps that typically don’t work on devices that are rooted.
  • Magisk Modules For the Android smartphone, Magisk Modules are add-ons that allow you to change or add new features. There are numerous modules for Magisk that range from basic tweaks to more advanced modifications.
  • SafetyNet bypass:Magisk offers the SafetyNet bypass that permits you to run applications that typically test for root access and modifications to the device.
  • Magisk Hide Magisk Hide lets users to conceal its root information to applications that look for it. This can be useful for apps which are not compatible with rooted devices.
  • Permissions for Apps: Magisk includes a feature that lets you manage permissions for apps more precisely as opposed to the standard Android settings. Per-app benefits can be granted or eliminated.
  • Custom RecoveryMagisk offers a customized recovery feature that lets you make backups and flash custom ROMs or download Magisk modules.

Magisk is in all aspects an excellent tool for Android users who wish to customize their Android experience and root their devices. the Android experience.

Popular Magisk modules:

  • Viper4Android – advanced audio processing to provide greater sound quality
  • AdAway – the system-wide ad blocker
  • YouTube Vanced – modified version YouTube with added features
  • Xposed Framework – allows for modifications at the system level of Android devices
  • Greenifyimproves battery life by preventing hibernation applications
  • Camera2 API Enablerenables advanced camera functions on devices that don’t support them.
  • Pixel Experiencebrings pixels features, UI and features to devices that aren’t Pixel.
  • GravityBoxadds numerous tweaks and customisations to Android
  • QuickSwitchallows to switch easily between apps that are recent and the launcher
  • Call Recorder allows call recording on Android devices
  • Busybox on Android NDK –provides a collection of Unix applications for Android devices
  • App Systemizermoves applications onto the system partition to reduce space and increase performance
  • YouTube Vanced Music YouTube Vanced Music modified Version of YouTube Music with additional features
  • MagiskHide Props Config – allows for spoofing device properties for better app compatibility
  • Sound Compatibility Patch resolves issues with audio compatibility with certain apps running on Android devices.
Download Magisk Manager

magisk zip

It is important to note that there are plenty of brand new Magisk modules that are available to download, and this list isn’t comprehensive. It is essential to thoroughly review any module prior to downloading and installing them to ensure compatibleness with the device you’re using as well as your Android version.

Changelog!! !

General: Bump the to the lowest supported Android version of Android to Android 6.0

General: New magic mount backend. It can load modules into the system via overlayfs files that are injected

  • [Zygisk] Releases new API version 4.
  • [Zygisk] Prevent crashing daemon in error
  • [Zygisk] Rewrite zygote’s code injection using a new loader library strategy
  • [Zygisk] Rewrite code unloading implementation
  • [MagiskBoot] Support amonet microloader devices
  • [MagiskBoot] Always make use of the lz4_legacy compressor on boot images. This resolves patching of boot images issues with the Android U preview.
  • [MagiskInit] Support for replacing existing *.rc files within overlay.d
  • [MagiskInit Rewrite sepolicy.rules loading and mounting implementation
  • [App] Create stub patching completely offline
  • [App Help with patching init_boot.img to support Samsung ODIN firmware
  • [MagiskPolicy] Correct minor glitch in parsing command line arguments
  • [MagiskPolicyUpdate rules to support Android U

How to configure Magisk Modules for the Android phone is the following:

You can download the Magisk Module you prefer into the memory on your smartphone. There are modules available in Magisk Modules Repo, the Magisk Modules Repo as well as or the Magisk Modules Alternate Repository as well as on XDA forums.

  1. Start the Magisk Manager application on your smartphone.
  2. To the right on the page, choose the Modules section .
  3. Click to the “Install from storage”button.
  4. Navigate to the directory in which it was downloaded from the Magisk Module and select it.
  5. The installation process can be started by pressing the module and selecting “Open. “
  6. Stay off until the job is complete. You can keep track of the process of installation on the Magisk Manager application.
  7. If you want to restart your phone once the installation has been completed you must click”Reboot” or the “Reboot” button.
  8. If your phone is restarted when it restarts, open your Magisk Manager application and then tap”Modules.” “Modules”icon again.
  9. Check that the module you have added is working. The toggle button on the side of the module must have”On”. “On” position.

That’s it! You’ve installed a Magisk module on an Android device. Repeat this procedure to install any additional modules you wish to install.

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